Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday * Tick *

Dawne has a NO TREATS challenge happening this month on her blog
Please pop over to her blog and sign up ~
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I'm doing this challenge as my treats had become a daily normality in my life
No longer treats...
I want to get treats to just that...TREATS!

I did not weight myself this morning.....WHY?????
Went to a birthday party and started off well...
NO alcohol ~ only water...
Turkey and salad....
BREAD...I had 3 slices!!!!
Then I had 2 scoops of ice cream
2 small slices of cake
Then ended up drinking besides the 2 liters of water
Ramazzoti ~ 2 tots!!

Got to bed at 1.30am ~ so woke up today feeling very very old!!

Yesterday is behind me and today was a new start....

I started off my day with a cup of coffee in bed...boy, did I need that coffee...
Got up and did 100 sit up's, 4 sets of 10 push ups....

Kept my breakfast small and low in calories...

Lunch was a smoked Salmon Sandwich, Apple and Coffee

At 2pm two of my neighbors and I went out for a run...all of us were pretty exhausted from the party the night before, so we decided to walk the hills and run the flats and downhills.
Did 5.6km ( 3.4 MILES )in 45.49 mins
Burned over 500 calories
HR 114 - 147

We had a BBQ for dinner...
I eat Turkey and Salad
Vanilla Quark for pudding
Drinking lots of water today...

Total calories ~ 1318
SA points ~ 18/18
Europe points ~ 23/29

I logged on after my training another day I can add a *tick* to!!


  1. I know what you mean, when I go to bed late and have some drinks I feel so old the next day and need at least 2 days to recover from it :)

    Well done on the run, even you all felt tired you did go and that's what counts.

    Enjoy the bbq, I'm eating alone as R. is having a motor race today and will be home around 8 pm which is to late for me to eat dinner because I will eat stuff that's not good for me if I have to wait that long.

  2. I was telling H today that I cant party the way I used to ~ even in my 30's I was partying and coping, but in my late 40's its just not possible.

    Thanks and enjoy your dinner alone...we will be eating late, my man hates eating too he is doing the dinner I have to wait for him...but getting hungry so off to bath and then will start the salad...and then start hinting....hehe

  3. I'm off to a BBQ tonight, so will take your lesson with me so I don't make the same mistake. So hard when you're surrounding by all those food options and everyone else is digging in (and offering). We won't stay late though. I'm younger than you and can't do the late nights anymore. Last night I was out with my sister in law until 9:30 and nearly fell asleep in her car.

  4. Heidi...good luck for tonight and let me know how it went ....I went with a positive mind set and then fell apart as the birthday wanted me to try her cake, try this try that...but hey I took those 3 slices of lovely bread...the German's know how to bake bread, let me tell you I have not experienced anything like it in SA.... nearly falling asleep in the car!!!

  5. Glad to hear the expert, hottie of blog land falls off the wagon once in a while too! ;)