Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

YESTERDAY I bought some Autumn running gear...
I tried on the leggings and the jacket and both fit comfortably.
~So now have no excuse not to get out in the colder weather ~

I ended yesterday on ~
1 396 calories
18/18 SA points
25/29 Europe points.
This morning my weight was the same as yesterday 64.1 kg's ( 141.3 lbs )
I'm keen to see my weight tomorrow morning as I go into a two month challenge with Syl and 66 other ladies where for 30 days we have to do at least 20 mins training ...no off days.
Today I went across to train my client, our 3 month challenge is over.
I was really surprised when I got there, as she had a gift for me, which I didn't expect.
We've decided to continue training together till I leave for my holiday end Oct
I burn over 500 calories in our 50 mins session together so worth keeping going.

My plan is ~
Go to gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings
Train with client on Tuesday and Thursdays mornings
Teach my Aerobic class on a Thursday evening
Run or go to gym on a Saturday with hubby
Run with group on a Sunday morning
And maybe one evening here and there run alone or with my neighbor.
I plan to be very active September and October.
When I got home after training my client I went for a walk in the forest with my camera...
Walked for 1h19 mins...got a little frustrated as I wanted to run part of the way but with the big camera in my hand it was not possible...
I did get to burn 255 calories, so my total calorie burn for today was 789!!
I'm happy with that.

Tonight I will get my hubby to take 3 pics of me
Front, Back and Side
I will take my measurements
Tomorrow the challenge begins
I am ready


  1. Yah for new running gear - we reached 4 degrees celcius over night, it feels like winter in my city :-(

    I started up weight watchers again yesterday and boy was it challenging, but it feels so great to be in control!

  2. Cool running clothes! I'll check them out at Lidl Thursday when I do my grocery shopping there.

    I'm looking forward to starting the challenge too especially because I know I have my BB chat friend to keep me accountable each day.

    Your training plan looks good!

  3. Hey Marcelle,
    I got your msg about the challenge. I'll set it up and announce it today, but I don't know how to make a badge!!! Would you have time to design one that we can post for no treat September? Any ideas for a prize? I'll cover the prize, but I just need an idea!

  4. And,I think it will result in more followers for this blog.

  5. Great burn in the calories. Maybe I need to do that challenge. I am sure seeing picutres of myself won't make me happy. Are you guys doing pics. in certain clothes? Like form fitting or t shirts?

  6. New workout clothes always get me fired up. I'm going to need some new workout pants this year. Mine are old, old, old - little tears, a bit loose (and about to get looser).

    HAHA, I just realized that I'm not even a follower on this blog - even though I come here every day. Whoops, I will fix that!

  7. Ok, the challenge is up and posted - Treat Free September Challenge! Names go in the draw twice a treat free week, if they write a post about our challenge, once a treat free week if they don't write about it. At the end of Sept. I will draw from the names and send off the prize...I need a good prize idea. A non-edible "treat", is my thought. So far, we have one person joining! Come on Sarah join in the fun! No M&M's for September!!!! So, there's 3 of us as of now...I think it will grow...thanks for the great idea! It's putting some umpf into my Year Two! xxxx

  8. I need to find some winter weather clothes as well for no Excuses~!!
    Good Idea about the no break of training- I can do that 20 minutes a day minimum....