Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday *Tick*

Day 3 on my challenges.....

I started this program on Monday so its 5 days for me and guess what...
My weight is up!!
64.2kg's ( 141.5lbs )

I jumped on the scale ready to see 63. something...
I have worked out so hard this week and also not gone over my points or calories...
I did not expect to see a gain.
I was not a happy Marcy...not at all.

Then the trained professional part of my snapped into gear
I have not done weights for the last 4 months
and 10 days ago I added weights into my workouts
Its a good thing as you need muscle to burn fat!!

So am still motivated and excited about September...

This morning I headed off to gym early as I had lots to do today and wanted to get my workout in for the day. So easy to find excuses as to why I am not able to happy that I have this challenge as it makes me find ways to train no matter what lies in my day.

I did 30 mins on the elliptical ~ Burned 394 calories ~ HR 127-133
Then did free weights 30 mins ~ Burned 278 calories ~ HR 103-124
Workout for one hour and burned 672 calories.
The photo's with this entry show my breakfast and lunch today.
This evening am going to a Birthday dinner ~ will have to be very careful and make good choices.
I want to climb on that scale tomorrow and see a drop or the same number, I dont want to see another gain....
I did my online group's challenge today...
4 sets of 30 sit ups
4 sets of 8 push ups

Didn't log on till after my workout ( actually logged on very late as had a busy day )

Have not had any treats....
I have been treats free for 4 days now...thats huge for me!!


  1. Nice job - You're eating SO WELL, don't get down on yourself - you're doing EVERYTHING right! Looks like a GREAT DAY.

  2. I right, nothing more I can do....age, hormonal changes, etc etc...all count as well...
    But hey for a Nana I think I'm doing pretty well!!!

  3. I understand the frustration- Me too saw a small gain- But like you said we are both adding up the weight training- something we have to keep an eye on
    Have a good one!!

  4. As I've recently re-added weight training back into my workouts I'm trying (very hard) to avoid the scale or at least to not get too caught up in it. I know that I put on muscle VERY easily.

    Not only for a Nana are you doing pretty well, but for anyone! Nana aside, you are one hot lady!

  5. Great job on your challenges. It's so annoying when the scale doesn't reflect the hard work of training. Tosca Reno, in Eat Clean, says that our bodies are 80% nutrition, 10% training and 10% genetics. Since working out regularly, I see what she means! It does shape the body, but it seems the types of food we eat affect the scale more.

  6. It must be muscles, can't be anything else!

    What's that on your plate for lunch, is it fish?

  7. I agree, Fran Muscle weighs a lot more than fat.
    Its smoked Trout on my yes!!
    Very high in calories...was amazed when I checked.