Thursday, June 16, 2011

Am back on plan

I'm back on track again after 2 days of no training, besides walking and with my eating.

Last night I taught a Kettlebell class out on my neighbors lawn, it was a beautiful evening, far too hot to be stuck indoors.
This morning I did an indoor cycle for 15.5km, 30 mins while watching Oprah, then I did a 35 min Kettlebell workout..
In an hour and a half my hubby and I are off for a 10 km run...

Talking about my hubby...the weight is falling off him
He is looking so good.
I'm totally amazed at his determination to stick to the plan I've put him on.
And so excited to see he is getting results.
He is down 6.5kg's now.

The Body Ecology Diet ~ is the book I bought yesterday for my iPad
Has anyone read this book???
Its not a diet...its a plan to help the immune system.

I added these two photo's taken in ~Berlin~ wanted to show you how active the people are there...I was amazed how the mother in the first photo could cycle with high heel shoes....and skirt. The photo below I thought was something fun to do if with a big group of people....

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    It is always nice to know people are there to cheer you on.

    Your workouts always AMAZE me!!!!

  2. I knew you would get back on track very soon after you came home. Must feel good to be in control again.

    Riding your bike in a skirt and high heels is piece of cake, done it so many times. Dutch people bike a lot and the photo you've shown is a common view in the streets here. That second one I've seen people do here too.

    Both great pictures by the way.

  3. Great pictures! I can't imagine living in a place that is so active. That would be great and inspiring!

    Glad your hubby is sticking to his plan. I am sure it really helps you to be with someone that works hard like you do. I know it does me.

  4. The women here also ride there bikes in all kinds of skirts and high heels! When we had my son's comfirmation I rode to the church in my red dress and sandals and had to ride one handed, as I needed the other hand to keep my dress from blowing up around my ears and flashing everyone in the neighborhood! But on a normal day, you will always find me in trousers and sensible shoes - much, much easier.