Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eating needs some attention

OKAY ~ truth be told....I have not been able to get back on plan the way I like to be since last Saturday when my daughter arrived, and then going off to Berlin.
I have enjoyed ice cream and chocolate again....and am feeling the side effects of the sugar on my body....I know I have to make changes NOW, so my intentions are to get back 100% on plan from tomorrow...I will fall a little on Thursday as its my birthday, and then the weekend as my brother will be here from South Africa and we going to have a * PaRtY BBQ * ~ but I do think the days in between I have no excuse. I'm going back to having eggs for breakfast as well as I found it kept me fuller for longer.....I also need to time my meals and snacks otherwise I find I can eat all day....
Training wise I did well...
I think cause I overate ~ I trained more!!
Its a mental thing for me...
Eating and not training...MEANS GAINING!


Monday and Tuesday ~ Did lots of walking around Berlin...LOTS OF HOURS
Wednesday ~ Taught a Kettlebell class
Thursday ~ Did 30 mins indoor cycling and 35 mins Kettlebell
Friday ~ Abdomal workout for 30 mins, Cycled for 30 mins, Ran for 5.5 km
Saturday ~ Kettlebell workout for 30 mins, Ran for 6.53km
Sunday ~ Ran for 11km

All in All.....I had a good week...
Now to improve my eating habits *again*

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I know what you mean, I found it really difficult to get back on track with my eating when my parents went back to Texas. The exercising is never a problem, just the eating! Why is that?

  2. I agree with Amy that the exercise isn't the problem but the eating.

    Great workout week Marcy.

    Can I ask you why you use yakult? I'm using it too and started using it when I had my stomach problems. They disappeared strangely a few weeks ago and I'm going to stop using it because I find it a bit expensive.

  3. I think you and me are the same regarding that mental thing - I too feel that if I don't train that I will gain but since I did not train since last week and Tuesday (almost a week now) I have in fact not gain but saw this morning that I have lost 1kg. Yes, I lost.

  4. I know what you are going through it is so hard to get back on track once we've eaten that sugar! Hang in there Marcelle, you can do this!

  5. It is such a mental gain isn't it? I hope you can stay on your plan and still enjoy your upcoming week!