Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday ~ The Face

I remember this was my 46th birthday...I woke up, washed my hair, put make up on, and wore pink...even on my eyes, something I never do....but that day I decided to try pink eye shadow...( never again since )....Looking at these photo's at the time I remember hating how fat my face weight showed itself here and the rest of my body....Having the baby on my lap helped me feel that I was hiding my body stomach.

I grew my hair while being over weight as I knew my short hairstyle would make my face even look fatter...The only time I had longish hair was during my fat my weight came off so my hair got shorter and shorter...I was beginning to feel myself again.
The photo below really shocked me when I saw it the first time...
I remember being at my hubby's work function and him telling me that I had to stop losing weight as I was looking TERRIBLE!! He was standing at a distance from me and he was not liking what he was seeing. Of course my first reaction was to be upset...* How can he say I looked terrible, I was feeling so good about myself having lost so much weight *
When I saw the photo's taken that evening I saw what he meant...and I see it now looking at it.
I looked TERRIBLE. I do know and always tell others that lose weight that our body needs a good year to grow back into itself again....That photo was taken in June 2009 and the photo of me on the side bar was taken in June 2010....I had grown back into my face....So many people pass comments and say...* You have to stop losing weight as your face is looking terrible or too thin...* I want you not to listen to those * jealous * comments from others...know that once you have reached your goal weight the body sorts itself out ~ even the face!

Today I personal trained my neighbor for the last time before my trip home...
We both felt very sad as we love the two session a week...both have gotten so much out of it.
My neighbor started this journey with me weighing in at 69.9kgs ( 154 lbs ) and today she weighs 56.6kg's ( 124.8 lbs ) She has lost 13.3 kg's ( 29.3 lbs )
She is tiny,...did her measurements today as well...amazing results!

I did an hours workout with her
35 mins of cardio
Squats, lunges and lunges with more cardio
Abs and stretch

I burned 640 calories

We are planning a short run tomorrow morning....
I feel satisfied with my workout and results today.


  1. I can relate to this post so much. I always liked short hair, but hubby always said "I prefer it longer". It wasn't until this last hair appt that I came home with hair shorter than I've ever had it he said "so glad you went back to really short". This tells me he never had the heart to tell me before that my face was too round for short hair. I understand this completly.

    Having said all that I think short hair looks adorable on you!

  2. Oh wow - great results :) I wish I was your neighbor. I can't get over the difference. You look beautiful in all the pictures, but wow what a difference. You look really great with short sexy hair and slim features.

  3. Such the difference, Marcy!! Wow!!

    I have to tell ya i think you are right about the growing into your body taking up to a year. I am still shrinking even tho my scale has been stuck for a bit. I so agree! 205 versus 150 is a big difference.

    <3 Amy

  4. What a great difference! From before to now. I can see what hubby was talking about. I really hope I can lose more in the face bc I think it is still to big. Have fun on your run tomorrow!

  5. wow u totally can notice the difference in the face!! u can see a much more relaxed no-stress look in the second one. ur so right about the difference between the body in weight loss moss and the body relaxing out. amazing and weird too huh! xo

  6. congrats to your neighbor that is an amazing accomplishment!

    life is just a learning journey right? the most important thing is that you are happy on the inside, and it will shine through on the outside

  7. You are amazing. Isn't it weird how weight always shows in the face...whether it's coming on or off?

  8. Wow! You are doing great in training your neighbor and the total weight loss she have accomplish.
    I see with my husband also, that since we started eating better and exercising, the fat in his face is so much less and he looks thinner just by looking at his face.

  9. At the second picture you look good in my opinion, you have a soft and sweet look on that.

    There's really a big difference and I do agree you look now at your best.

    C. will for sure going to miss you, she's had the best PT one could have!

  10. That is interesting, I never thought about the idea of your body and face needing time to catch up with a weight loss - it does make sense. I always notice that people (you included) look so much younger once they have lost weight!
    Congratulations on the great coaching job with your friend!

  11. you are right - immediately after we lose weight - do not look younger, but after a year or so, do look younger/better

    can you please add a close up pic from 2010 right next to the 2008 and 2009 pics (above, in this post) so we can see them all together?

    and where you have '2008' and '2009' printed on the pics - can you also add your weight (lbs) there too?

    ps - was the baby looking for his lunch? I smiled when I saw his little hand. I had little hands like that at my house.