Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday ~ Day off

Vicki suggested I put a photo up of myself today to compare to the older photo's and also to add my weight when the photo's were taken.

Me today.....
2008 ~ 82kg's ( 180.8 lbs )
2009 ~ 62kg's ( 136.7 lbs )

I'm taking the day off today.
My intention was to run with my neighbor this morning ~ I woke up with such tight and sore calves, walking is difficult, forget running.
The last two days I have done workouts at home with my neighbors....our floors are tiles and hard...
So jumping for one hour on the hard tiles is why I am suffering today....
Lesson learned!

Today I made myself a pita...the first time every.
Filled it with fresh salad and grilled chicken.
Was delish!!


  1. Glad you found Pitas..The picture difference is tricky on the page here. You look great with the baby, and look great now. Just one man's opinion, although losing 30% of you is Awesome for your health...

  2. Pitas are really nice especially when filling them with healthy stuff.
    Enjoy the rest day.

  3. I remember that when I did the Shred my legs were hurting from the jumping too, we too have tiles at home. Also when I do a workout DVD at home and have to lie on the floor it's hard on my back even though I use a mat.

    You look even thinner today than in 2009.

  4. I love the pictures!!

    I love pita's but I am going to have to look into some wheat free ones...I don't know if they make them or not.

    From my blog....The smoothie is so yummy! I feel like I am cheating eating such a great meal.
    Check this post for more on the no wheat reason.

    Have a great day!!!

  5. Have you ever tried making a pita pizza?
    you make it just like any other home made pizza and stick it in the oven - one of my all time favorites!!
    Just be careful because it doesn't need much time in the oven to crisp up.

  6. I think you look beautiful in all the pictures. By the way, thank you for the very sweet comment on my blog. I can always count on you for a dose of compliments!! And no, I have never been in pageants or modeling. :)

  7. I have to say that all your pictures are Beautiful!

  8. Love those pics, Marcy!! Just beautiful.. you have inspired me to do the same.. gonna do a pic post soon!

    That Pita sounds YUM!! Hope your leg is feeling better very very soon!

  9. Happy day off! Your pics are great and your new hair looks fantastic :-)

    I couldn't stop thinking yesterday about your post re: growing back into your shape. I have completely found this to be true with myself but didn't ever really articulate it (at one point I too received the worried remarks about looking gaunt and sickly, only to have the same people tell me I looked great 2 months later at the exact same weight). Thank you so much for posting about this, and keep up the wonderful blog!

  10. thanks for adding the current pic!

    and it was so interesting you wrote about 'growing' into our leaner faces - someone asked me that very question yesterday and because you had written about it, I had a helpful answer.

  11. Hi Marcy - I'm a friend of Syl's from when she was doing WW....and I've been following your posts on her blog for some time now. You're incredible! Don't ever loose your zest for live!