Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday ~ Looking back

Its so important while on the weight loss journey to photography yourself...I know we hate seeing how big we are and try stand in ways that its less noticeable, put pillows and other people in front of us to semi hide from the me I had mastered how to stand, sit etc when having a photo taken....I will share a few of them with you...
The photo below I am standing with my arm across my stomach, that way I felt I could hide it away...
The next photo reminds me how big my breasts got when I gained weight...they became huge...I was buying size 38 H bra's not my normal 36 C which I was falling out of...Here my arms are tucked under my breasts so that the jersey I was wearing would hang closer to my body and not make my tummy look even bigger....
Its not very often I would stand in the middle of two people for a photo...I know from the jeans I am wearing on this photo I was having * a slimmer moment * I was able to fit into a these jeans which were a little smaller than the other jeans, so here I felt * thin * and confident to pose this way...I know today that I was far from slim!!!!
It was Autumn 2006 and my parents were visiting ~ was such a lovely time for me...
Here once again I was feeling slimmer ~ My weight was around 78 kg's ( 172 lbs ) so about 4kg's ( 8.8lbs ) lighter ~ I see how podge my stomach looks on this photo...
Two South African and myself....all of us lived in Germany...they have gone back to South Africa now...These girls knew me to lose a little and then gain it all eat nothing ~ then to eat everything..when I said I was going on a diet they would all think * oh again * and they were right I was on and off diets for all the time they lived here....I lost all my weight once I was the only South African left here....none of them have seen the new me....
The photo below is a typical photo of me hiding....they will tell you as well,whenever I had a photo with them I always made them sit or stand in front of me as I wanted to hide my boobs...well that was what I told them...I wanted to hide my big boobs and fat....
Today I went to the shops to buy new running shoes...could not find the color I liked so will stop at a sports shop on the way to the airport and see if I can find a pair there.....for Cape Town!!!

This afternoon my neighbor and I went for a 7.6 km run...( 4.7 miles )
WE walked the first hills on the first 5km and ran the flats and downhills
Then ran the last 2.6km home.
Did it in 56.23 mins
Burned 637 calories
30% fat
HR 127 - 164

Was freezing out...
Am still struggling with my breathing so not there yet...
Am hoping once in Cape Town and the sunshine I will start enjoying my runs again.


  1. You've changed so much over the past years, all your hard work has paid off in the first pic. You look fantastic but the smile has always stayed the same, you've got a lovely smile.

    Even I think it's cold :) It was 8 degrees when I walked Bella after dinner. Maybe I wear my thermo underwear under my running clothes tomorrow :)

  2. Thank you so much for making such a great point- how easy it is to forget where we were....that was a much needed reminder- So sirry I haven't been on here for a few but all the pictures are great and I love seeing them- How did H like your hair?

  3. Oh how I know this posing and standing to hide the fat. I know it my whole life throughout high school till date. I can't wait not to go through this anymore.

  4. wow you look so different now, and honestly, you look about 15 years younger! hard work pays off, keep it up girl and congrats on all that you have achieved- it is HARD work!

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