Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday...Last Entry From DE

Today ( Sunday ) was my last training session in Germany till December as tomorrow I head off home....
Cape Town, South Africa for 56 days ~

I will be home for the Chris Daugherty concert on the 27th
My youngest daughters 24th birthday on the 29th
Halloween with my grandchildren on the 31st
My oldest daughters baby is due on the 8th November
So I'm going home to help her with her 19 month old son while she settles in with her new baby.
A little girl..
The first week of December I have a planned photo shoot with a photographer I love in Cape Town, she will take photo's of myself with my 5 grandchildren...capturing memories is very important to me.

Of course while home I want to catch up with all my family and friends...
I plan to run at least once a day....for 5/6 days a week
I plan to visit the beach
I plan to lie in the sun...
I plan to have a good relaxing time back home.

Today I ran with my neighbors for the last time till my return....
I'm still not feeling well, been 3 weeks now that I've been struggling with my breathing and runny nose while running....I so miss the way I used to feel when I ran...I feel so weak...

Today we ran 8.06 km's ( 5 miles ) in 1 hr 1 min
I burned 724 calories
40% fat
HR 120 - 203 ( really....)

Am now looking forward to summer runs more long sleeves, gloves etc that I've had to wear the last month...
I will be keeping both my blogs updated while in Cape Town, the only problem I will have is visiting everyone as often as I do here....firstly my life will be very busy compared to here so I wont have as much time, and then the internet is very expensive as I have to buy pay as you go internet connection. I am able to read blogs via my feedreader and if I see something interesting I will of course pop in and leave my comment....or try read and visit you once a week and leave a comment...
Please know this would be the only reason I am not visiting your blog!!
Time and money!!

My next blog entry will be from beautiful Cape Town...
Till then ~ look after yourself and stick to your plan...its so worth it.


  1. I wish you a fantastic time in SA and enjoy all the fun things you have planned and the company of your beloved family!

    We'll stay in touch through the chat. But going to miss your comments on my blog.


  2. MAybe what ever is bugging your respitory system will sort of 'bake' out while you are there. I have had winters like that - where it wasn't really gone until summer returned. You are getting a mini summer. have an absolutely wonderful time. I would say - don't waste time and $$$ on all of us - just update your own blog a little and then have fun in real life. We will all still be here when you get home. And it will even give you something to do when you get home and are adjusting back (after your daughter leaves and in the midst of winter). have wonderful time. hug everyone extra hard from all of us.

  3. Have a fantastic holiday, I hope it's filled with love, laughter and many special memories.
    Safe travels my friend!

  4. Have a wonderful time with family and friends!!!

  5. You look great Marcy, so young and fit! Have a great trip!!!! By the way, because of your comment on my blog, I decided to cut out aspartame. If it's not good me you, it's not good for me either. It's not worth it. If I HAVE to have pop, then it will be full sugar. I'll take the calories over the chemicals!

  6. Oh have a WONDERFUL relaxing time!!!
    Family is wonderful (even with its up and down moments:))

    and I hope your time is spectacular!!!!

  7. Safe and happy travels gorgeous!

  8. Left an award for you on my blog. :)

  9. Fun fun fun!!! Love your new outfits.. you look just maaaaarvelous darling ;)

    Enjoy your time away.. can't wait to hear more about it!

  10. Enjoy your time in South Africa. The weather here is fantastic and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it very much.

  11. Cute new running top! Have a great time in SA with your family and best wishes to a safe delivery and a healthy baby for your daughter. Enjoy!

  12. You look so cute - have a wonderful time with your family in SA. Keep us posted on what you're doing - REMEMBER my Blackberry!!!!! Hope to hear from you.

  13. Have a wonderful time with your family. You have lots going on. I love Chris Daughtry ... jealous!!!!

  14. You're looking amazing!!! Enjoy the warmth of the sun!