Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday In Cape Town

Yesterday was my first full day in Cape Town....
The day I arrived I will put behind me as my eating was not the way I would have liked to have had it...
I did end up eating the plane food for breakfast and lunch.
That evening I ate two slices of pizza....something I haven't touched in over a year....
So yesterday was back to tracking my meals and eating well....
But then...went to the Chris Daughtry concert ( which was FANTASTIC )
and ate a chicken pita before the was a white other choice.

Yesterday when I woke up it was so windy....a gale force wind.....but I wanted to run so no matter what...I was going to run!!!
And that is what I did...woke my daughter up to come run with me, she took forever to get ready...when we headed out she complained that she was not feeling well as her breakfast had not settled and she had a side I left her and ran on my own...met up with her on my return where we ran the last kilometer home together.
It was great to have the sun against my skin again...sweat running into my eyes...Oh how I have forgotten how good it feels after my last few runs in the freezing cold Europe weather.
Yesterday I ran 6km in 43 mins
Burned 400 calories
HR 134 - 171

Went to the shops the day I arrived for my foods....bought Flaxseeds, organic peanut butter and oats...tuna, rooibos tea and a few other things....need to keep to my Clean Eating plan while on holiday as much as possible...

Off for a run now.....till later...


  1. Happy to read that you are enjoying your time hear in SA. Beautiful pictures. Mountains in the background of Cape Town is always beautiful.
    Great work on buying the healthy stuff for your clean eating.

  2. Good job on getting your healthy food! You will do great with your eating because you are so aware of it! Enjoy your time in SA!

  3. Glad you arrived safely! Good for you on picking right back up with your healthy habits!

  4. You look great in the pics!

    I've seen a lot of concerts in my life and I've never seen anything healthy to eat that you can buy at a concert

    You'll pick it up once you got back in your daily routine.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Congrats on a good run!

  6. Great Job-Sounds like my first day in Florida- Go to the grocery!! ENjoy!!

  7. I love seeing the photos! Sounds like you're doing your best with what you can right now! Keep it up!