Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday ~ My baby turns 24 today

Today my baby turned 24!!
I am so happy that I'm in Cape Town to celebrate this milestone with her....she is growing up so fast...When I left Cape Town to start my new life in Germany she was only 18....she has done so much growing up since I've been much of her life I have missed out on...The first two photo's of her and her best friend I took this 11pm....yes, this is the time you go out in Cape Town to the have no idea what time to expect her home....
When we went out to a beautiful outdoor restaurant this afternoon for lunch with my family my daughter was presented with this hot fudge pudding with ice cream and a sparkler after she finished her lunch.....I thought it was very sweet of them to give her this * on the house * present for her birthday ~ I did have a taste...was very sweet, but good, my daughter asked me if I wanted to share it with her, I said ~ NO, one teaspoon was enough to satisfy me.
I ate the most divine salad made of butternut, goats cheese and pumpkin seeds with lettuce...was huge ~ ate it all as it was so very tasty....I felt so bloated and full afterwards....I wondered how I was still going to eat sister in law had planned a lasagna dinner for the family later that evening.
I decided not to train take the day off and enjoy my daughters birthday with her....but once I got home I knew I had to do something as was feeling terribly full and hour later I put my gym gear on and started working out in the house....I did 10 mins warm up using the steps in the dinning room...lots of space ~ my HR shot up as I was working hard...then I started to skip and in between the skips I did lunges...then skip again...then more lunges...after 25 mins I headed out for a run in the complex my family live the flats and downhills and walk the hills...I ran to the sand dunes and went up and over them 2x and headed back home to do 150 sit ups...finished off with biceps and triceps with 4kg hand held weights....
My total workout was for one hour....
I ran 3.40 km
I burned 786 calories
30% fat
HR 128 -150

I'm doing a 6kl run with my sister in law tomorrow morning
Sunday will be doing a 10 kl walk/run with my sister up and down Chapman's Peak
( if u live in the Chapman's Peak and see that crazy route )
Today I met a blogger friend....MEL...we have been reading each others blogs for over a year now and are also Facebook friends....finally we got to meet this visit....
Was lovely to meet her in person....she is as lovely in person as she is on her blogs...


  1. Looks like your daughter has had a great birthday. Must have been special for her too to have her Mom with her yesterday.

    Girl you surprise me everytime :) Tough workout after a heavy lunch. You're amazing!

    Enjoy the run tomorrow.

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! You two look so much alike! I love all of the photos. What a tough workout- wow!

  3. Your daughter is gorgeous!! Salad you had sounds lovely!!

  4. Your daughter is stunning and so are you.