Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday...Home Workout

I didn't get out for my run today....
My daughter said this morning early she wanted to do a 5km ~so said I would join her.
She then got back into bed and watched movies and series on her laptop till 4pm...
After lunch I decided to do a home workout again like I did yesterday but without the run...
I've posted pictures of the weights area ( upstairs ) where I do the weights workout and the stairs where I do the cardio workout....

Today I did 30 mins of cardio using the steps and added lunges
As I am a step instructor I can do magic on steps and get a good workout
I then went upstairs to do the weights....then back down to do skipping
Ended off with Abs and a stretch.

I did an hours workout
Burned 700 calories
35% fat
HR 120 - 175
I had a 10 km run planned tomorrow morning up Chapman's Peak with my sister, but earlier this evening I got a text message saying she was off to a party this evening so would not be up to it tomorrow morning...
So if the weather is good enough, I shall be heading out on my own for a 8km run....
I'm participating in the Blog run this weekend....

Due to the different foods I am eating I'm having stomach problems!!!
I know it will settle down ~ My body has to get used to different foods again

I am still tracking...Bekki, using the booklet you sent me...


  1. Those are some AWESOME steps. What a beautiful home and what a committed athlete you are Marcelle!

  2. Have a great run tomorrow Marcelle, it was great participating in it, thinking about all the people around the world joining us!

  3. Beautiful staircase! good luck on your run - I am sure you'll do fine on your own.

  4. Wow! That's a great staircase!

    Welcome to the club of people with stomach problems :) I have them too (again). I have this friend (guess who she is) who introduced me to clean eating which I will try to do as much as possible from now on because I'm having this problems for over 6 months now, although there are days when I'm okay.

    I see you've posted about the run so heading over there now.

  5. Great workout Marcelle. Very impressed.
    Good luck with your stomach which needs settling.