Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday ~ Weeks results

After two days of rest I joined the group of ladies who run on a Sunday morning
It was 5 degrees out, very cold, so had my headband, gloves and jacket on to keep me warm
The only problem I find is that within the first 10 mins or so I start getting hot and have to start peeling off the layers...then the nose...oh heavens ~ the nose I have to keep blowing!!
Today I took my iPod along as I find the music gives me motivation to push when I feel like giving up....I usually only switch the iPod on after about 15 mins as the first few mins everyone is catching up with each others news...and even though most of it is in German, I have a few things I too want to say to them...and in English!! :)

Yesterdays blog entry I showed a photo of Quark that I put on my bread or my foods ~ the photo above is my pudding Quark...I will divide this 200g tub for two have 100g after dinner time as my dessert, but not every night like I used to... and I used to eat a whole tub in one sitting...making all my portions smaller and eating 6x a day. What I also do is put some flaxseeds crushed into my Quark.

After doing Weight Watchers for the last two years I have finally freed myself from counting points ~ I actually cant believe that I have done this...if you had asked me a few months ago if I would ever stop counting Points, I would have said NO!!
Counting Points is what got me to lose my weight...I believe in Weight Watchers.
So what changed this for me...
As so many of Weight Watchers products have that poison in them...
And their recommendation to drink diet soda's cause it Points free
and a few other things like their foods which are all processed.
When I found Tosco's Clean Eating plan I knew with the knowledge I had gained from the two years on Weight Watchers and her plan I could be successful...
So now no more counting the Points ( or calories, I did try that as well )
Instead I eat Clean...6 small meals a day ~ Protein with each meal
I have introduced Flaxseed to my diet, nuts, fruit and more veggies
I try remember to drink one cup of Green tea a day
I try remember to drink my 8/9 glasses of water a day.
I train 6 x a week ( unless ill )
I am still far from perfect
But right now with the desire to keep my weight down and healing my body from MS through good nutrition and vitamin's ~ I have made huge changes to my lifestyle.

Today I ran 10km...the first 4.5 km we walked the steep hills then ran the flats and smaller hills, after that we ran all the way to the end...HOME
Did it in 1:08 mins, I was happy with that time considering the walking we did at first
Burned 1013 calories ~ always a bonus the calories burned
25% fat ( as my HR was too high due to not feeling well )
HR 135 - 153

My weeks workout
Ran 28 km
Burned 3495 calories
Did 5 workouts
2 Rest days
Taught 1 aerobic class

Considering I was not feeling too good this week I am happy with my weekly results.


  1. I think it's amazing you did all that when not feeling 100%. Excellent job.

    I'm going to give healthy eating a try. See if I can't lose a bit just trying to eat healthy. I can't go to my meetings now and it's just something I feel I want to do.

  2. I'm happy for you too!
    Love all the choices you are making- and sticking to them!!!!
    Hugs to you:)

  3. Marcy! So wonderful to meet you! Found you through Dawne!! So love your activity this week... awesome run, girl!! And I totally hear ya on the WW products... totally filled with processed goop, and artificial sweetners. Ugh!

  4. Marcy, I feel the exact same way about Weight Watchers. I am still counting points but not eating their food (for the same reason as you). I can lose weight when I eat a clean diet but as soon as I add too many processed foods I start to gain. Thanks for the motivation and hope you are feeling better!

  5. You should be happy with your weeks result. You did great last week. And I think you were very fast today especially since you walked at first.

  6. Marcelle,
    there was no reason to delete your response, I know where you are coming from. I understand what you were saying and that is why I posted the response I did. I didn't want it to come across as "extreme" or unreasonable. Like I said I am doing this for a short period of time just to be able to limit my intake and learn how to bring it in slowly in smaller quantities. I appreciate all you have to offer, and no one was offended. I just wanted to clear things up ;-)

  7. Doesn't feel wonderful to be free from counting points and calories??? I really admire your courage to embrace something new, when WW did work for you. I think of you every time I ground my flax seed.

  8. I follow Clean Eating too - love Oxygen magazine! How did the tofu turn out? I will post the two silken tofu dessert recipes on my blog or email them to you tomorrow. They are super easy. So glad I can have your blog back on my blogroll again!

  9. Wow, that is a big step for you to stop the WW but your reasons are valid for sure!

    I would be very interested to read this Clean Eating book, will look for it on Loot. I have always eaten many (6) smalls meals a day cos it works for my metabolism and I get way too hungry if I dont.

    The problem for me is the on-the-go snacking....

  10. someone else might already have mentioned this - I know YOU use ground flaxseed, but wanted to mention flaxseed must be ground in order to have it obsorbed and is a good (actually I think it is the best) source of Omega 3.

    that IS one of the big issues with WW. It is a DIET and not a healthy lifestyle. I went to one meeting 17 years ago and was totally turned off about the amount of NONfood being endorsed. And that was long ago, when I was a real newbie, and didn't KNOW. But I did know enough not to consume artificial additives. And that was what they were ALL about at that time.

  11. I knew you did (grind), but was noting in for any of your readers who don't know to - and just start adding them 'whole' (which has no nutritional value - they just pass on through)..

  12. Consider that you was sick, these results do show that you have done excellent. Wow!

  13. congrats on the switch over to clean eating! you will feel amazing and get even better results, your fueling your body with the right stuff! so happy for you!