Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday ~ Two mini workouts

Cant post pictures with this entry today as Blogger tells me they're busy updating the blogs...

As I am the creative type, I love adding photo's with my entry, this entry to me feels so not like me...cold!!
You understand?? or not??



I got up this morning and did my 250 sit ups, push ups, tricep dips and triceps....burned 250 calories then started my day.

Today did the usual housework in the morning, this afternoon went through to a hotel in Fulda to take a few staff photo's for their Xmas card...It was pouring with rain all the way there, but not as cold temp wise as its been lately...but still cold!!

Earlier today when I got dressed, I put my boots on, now for those who are new reading my blog...I have big calves and during my fatter days I was not able to wear boots as the zip would not close up...when I lost the weight I was able to buy boots and last winter was the first time I was able to wear them....was such a novelty to me as you can imagine.
Today I put my boots on and had to really pull them close....* panic * ~ I had thin cotton pants on and I was struggling ~ last year I was wearing them with my jeans tucked in...will I be able to do that this winter.
I know since I stopped all diet products I gained weight...I suppose 3/5kg's can make a big difference as to whether I can wear my boots this season or not.

My neighbor and I decided if it was not raining at 5pm we would go for a 5km run ( 3 miles ) this 5pm she came over and it was raining so I suggested we meet at 6pm for a home workout....once hubby left for the gym she came over and we did a good hard cardio with lots of PT lunges, squats, triceps, biceps, push ups....I got a good sweat going and burned a whopping 577 calories in the 50 mins we worked out.

I'm satisfied with my eating and training for today....


  1. Love your day too, Marcelle!! Beautiful.. and I love love that you can wear your boots! Woo hoo!!

    Big big hug.. amy

  2. sounds like a great workout!
    I had the same problem with my boots, I finally found a pair that zipped up and now they are to big!

  3. Sounds like all those lungs you are doing is giving u some nice legs. Well I am not really sure but by the time you get back I am sure you will be good to go. Glad to see you had a great day!!

  4. If I am your running queen, you are my workout queen. Awesome!

    I have that same problem with boots. I have massive calves and when I was heavier I didn't fit in any stylish boots.

  5. Great home workout Marcy!

    3 to 5 kg can be a clothing size. In my opinion your body is just adjusting to your new eating lifestyle and it will get back to normal once it's used to it. You're not eating that different are you?

    I've gained a few pounds this week but I know why. I'm so hungry during the day that I eat extra at lunch. For once that isn't a big deal but every day will add the pounds which happened. Need to get back to regular lunches.

    An entry without photo's of you is indeed strange as I'm so used to your beautiful pictures.

  6. I can't wait to loose enough weight and buying myself some boots that I can wear just like you do. I can't wait!

  7. Good work-- I understand that scare of things fitting- I put on my black dress pants for work this morning and they were snug- I think I am bulking up instead of leaning out- I have had it and will be setting up an appointment with a nutrition specialist....I can't take the snug fit or "thinking" all this....
    I just want to know what I need to do to stop this....
    I am right here with you Marcelle