Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday and Tuesday in Cape Town

Didnt get to train on Monday, thought I would take a rest after my 10km run on Sunday...

Today ( Tuesday ) the wind was howling so thought I'd leave running and do skipping with a skipping rope and toning instead...running in the howling Cape wind up the hills is no fun...inside the house the sound of the wind makes me feel I have to hold on for dear life as going to be blown away...Parts of Cape Town are known for the wind and this is one of the parts where my daughter lives...the view is magnificent but the wind is a killer!
After doing 20 mins of toning with skipping in between for cardio I decided that my workout was not enough for me and that I *felt* like running...walking, anything but what I was doing..
So out I headed in the wind...parts of the route in the complex was not too bad, other parts were so bad I had to work hard to keep myself upright...but loved it...was so glad I went out...

Got home feeling so good...
I toned and did skipping for 20 mins...lunges, triceps and butt
Then ran for 5km
Burned 708 calories
HR 118 ~ 142
40% fat

Tomorrow and Thursday am not going to be able to train as have a busy schedule..so today was important for me....


  1. Good for you to be getting your exercise in, despite the nasty wind! Enjoy your new granddaughter!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of exercise. Great work.
    Very beautiful photo of you and your grandchildren

  3. Great workout my friend! We hadn't had contact today but I've been so busy and I know you are too. We'll catch up tomorrow!

    Big hug for you.

  4. first time visit, and wow you look fantastic and have done an amazing job! As I was loosing my weight I started running and found I quite like it. Unfortuantely the winter will start to settle in and I hate to run out in the snow and all the mess (and cold) so I'll be turning to my very boring treadmill.

    Good for you for getting out for that run anyhow!

  5. I found you again!!!!

    For a while I wasn't allowed to comment on your blog but I'm back!

    You're look as great as always and look...you've got another wee baba in yer arms.

    Enjoying Cape Town???