Monday, November 22, 2010

Running with partners is GREAT

I have been so busy with *life* as a Nana I see I never updated my weekend run ...
I did a run last Saturday, 9km, was happy with the results as I beat my 5km time and ran the dreaded hills...that I had to walk up when I first arrived as I was feeling so bad.....within my a beginner, like someone who was starting from scratch..once I got over whatever it was that was making me feel this way I have really felt like my old running self and enjoyed every second of pounding the pavement.
On Sunday I moved from my daughters house back to where my Mom, Dad, brother, sister in law and my youngest daughter live - here I have running partners which is great...
Yesterday late afternoon was our first run together...
Note my sister in law's *running shoes* ~ its like running flat footed, I think she is very brave as I love the protection I get from my running shoes which you cant get from this new craze.

I was very happy with myself yesterday....the route was a slight incline and then back down, no hills, doing this route I beat my PR for 5km ~ 30 mins...that's nearly 2 mins off my normal time with the hills route.
I'm the oldest ~ my daughter is 24, my sister in law is in her 30's and me ~ 48 and I beat them quite a way...not that I was racing them, but my pace was much faster and I felt like I was dragging my body when trying to run with them, so went off ahead.
My sister in law is a marathon runner and is doing a triathlon this Saturday...
So I was impressed with myself, this old duck!!! :)
Ran 8.7 km
53 mins
818 calories
20% fat
133-155 HR

Food wise am still sticking to Clean Eating...
Yesterday I did share a slice of cheese cake with my daughter when I took her out for lunch with a blob of ice cream, that must have been my biggest * cheat * in months!!


  1. I agree with you. I also like my shoes with the soles, which give me that extra protection when running. Can't see how that is anything good on one's feet and entire body.

  2. Great job on beating the younger ones! :) That's impressive!

  3. How wonderful to be in a house with so much family and so many running parteners....
    Good Job on feeling so wonderful!! So Happy for you!!! HUGS XOXO

  4. WOOHOO Great job on the run. I don't get the barefoot craze either, though some people swear by it. I LOVE your SILs hot pink jacket. I want it! ;)

    Did you do that race yet? Or is it still to come?? I don't think I remember you mentioning it.