Sunday, November 14, 2010

Got a run in today...

Yesterday I saw on the weather channel that today ( Sunday ) was going to be a good day in Cape Town after days and days of rain, wind and clouds...So I knew last night already that today I was going to head out for a run....I had no idea what distance, but a run I had to have as I have been so busy this week I haven't been able to run besides on Wednesday when I did a 10 km and felt own running self again...
I do think a few bloggers misunderstand my *I'm back* statement...
I'm still in Cape Town, its just that I felt like my old self again, hence the * I'm back * comment I left on my last entry. I will be in Cape Town until the 18 December....

This morning after I got dressed into my running gear I went up to my daughter who was still in bed feeding our new Princess and asked her to please take a photo of me in my running gear holding my precious bundle as I want to look back at this photo in the future and remember that I was a fit *Nana* someone who took care of myself....When she sees these photo's she maybe an adult herself and me a very old lady...I want her to see me as I was when she was born...
Today I ran 10 km in 1hr 7 best time for a while...even my 5km time was my personal best and the route has so many hills, would love to see what my time would be on a flatter route.
HR ~ 117-175
Calories ~ 1230 ( its those hills )
25% fat
I've become a lot stricter with my diet again...clean eating is what I am focused on, as its the way for me now with MS, but have decided to count points as well while on holiday to make sure I stick within the points allowed for me daily...I lost all my weight doing the Weight Watchers program so really have lots of faith in the program....when I return to Germany and have better access to the internet I will count calories and not points....

I've had such a busy week and although I have only trained 2x this week I am satisfied with doing 20 km this week as I trained a bit more last week and only did 17km.


  1. Ahhh...I was wondering why your trip was cut short;)
    Well I'm glad THAT's what you meant too....
    great time on your 10k!!!!!

  2. oh! that little princess,i just want to squeze her and eat her up!!!!
    congrats on the 10k time,my dear,and YES you ARE one hot/fit nana!!!!

  3. It's so impressive that you are keeping up with your exercise whilst on holiday and amidst all of your sweet grandbabies!

  4. I think it's a great thing that you want your grandchild to remember you the way you are now. I can read into this that the way you are now, makes you feel proud. You're such an inspiration!

  5. Great pictures Marcy and I'm happy you had such a great run yesterday! Good to hear that.

  6. YAY, glad you had a great run. Love the pics with your little princess.

  7. Great pictures - you are definitely a fit grandma!