Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

YES....I went to gym yesterday and LOVED it.
I've missed my gym workouts and am now ready to do them again as we go into colder weather.

I did 30 mins on the Elliptical and burned 341 calories in 30 mins...HR 117-130
I then did the Circle ( as everyone calls it here )
3 toning machines ~ one cardio...3 toning ~ one cardio
Takes about 16 mins and you do the circle 2x.
Then did Triceps and Bisceps 3 sets of 20 each
Burned 406 calories ~ HR 113-141
Total calories burned 747

I am double checking my points at the moment ~ lots of work but have found since Europe changed their WW points system I have struggled to keep my weight down. So now have taken out my South African WW book and doing my foods with that points system and with the European system ~ and checking my calories.
As my weight is low I now can only have 18 South African WW points per day
Europe system I can have 29 points per day.

Saturday I ate
1 400 calories
18 SA points
29 Europe points
Yesterday was a good day for me.

Sunday morning my weight was 64.4kg's ( 142lbs )
Yesterday I bought myself a new sports bra....I like these types of sports bra's better than the kinds that look like a bra. I wore this bra yesterday and found it very comfortable so want to buy myself another you can see on the box this is a level 3 for control...I love that..hate feeling my boobs moving around when I run.
Hubby said something that really got me thinking...
Where in South Africa would I pay R 600.00 for a sports bra!!!
This morning I did my 100 per groups challenge
Had my 30 g muesli
100g Soya yogurt
53g Blueberries
And an hour later headed out to run with my running group.
Only 3 of us today as the other two are away on holiday.

The first 5 km I could sense the girls were going very slow...tried to encourage them to move faster when it came to the walking part of the route, but they slowed back and told me I was going too fast today...faster than usual.
We stopped at every park bench to do triceps dips and push ups and then carried on running again.
The last 5km home I decided I was going to run for myself as the two were running/walking together at a slow pace, I then went ahead for the last 4km at my pace.
I did 10 km in one hour and 17 mins....( Slow slow slow pace )
But Sundays I know is a slow run as one has to consider the other girls fitness levels always.
Burned 627 calories ~ HR 124-167
Average pace ~ 7.7
Max pace ~ 13.1

I did some research last night about how many calories I should eat to lose 1 kilo ( 2.2lbs) in two weeks and it shows me 1 396 calories.
This is a lot lower than my usual 1 600 a day...
But am going to give this a try for the next month with Syl's challenge.


  1. I have the same kind of bra for sports too. Have the highest level because I don't want my boobs to swing around when I run.

    Great workouts! I would think of the Sunday run as the cherry on your cake. Your last training of the week which is a bit slower than you are used too. Do your other workouts on your speed and level and Sunday is your dessert. Know what I mean?

  2. oh you,how weird is that!!
    yes I also take the highest level....for the same reason.

    Agree Sunday is the cherry on the cake workout...and also my longest run/walk of the week.
    I wonder how long we can still keep these Sunday runs up as its getting colder, hopefully till I leave the end of October.

    Weird how I hardly see the neighbors anymore due to the weather changes.

  3. So glad you made it to the gym. Sometimes it's hard to convince myself to get out there and workout, or train as you all it with your cute SA accent!, but once I'm done - elation!

    How's it going saving the treats for once in a while instead of everyday? Now that summer is over, there will probably be less cook outs (or whatever you call them...brais?), so less temptations! You're doing great!!!!

  4. Yes me too as had a great workout.
    Have u heard the SA accent?? not flat.

    For September I am going treat free.....this is a month I want to do it for me....treats can wait...3 kgs must go!!!!

    LOL Dawne, we say braai's

  5. I left you an award on my site tonight! And...I love, love, love the SA accent. Many of my friends overseas were SA.

    Okay, I will join you on the treat free for September. Why not make it a challenge? Or do you want me to? We'll get people to join us. We can do it!!!!!!!!!!!