Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday and Saturday

Today my weight is 64.5kg's ( 142.2lbs )
Thats .3 (0.7lbs) up from yesterday
Frustrates me as I even said NO to a glass of wine last night

I ate too much bread yesterday, this could be the reason if I look very carefully at what I ate.
Breakfast was 1 slice Rye bread with scrambled eggs
Lunch a ate 1 Rye bread roll with salad and Smoked Salmon slices
Dinner I ate a Pumpkinseed roll with roast chicken
Too much bread...
My calories ended at 1 661
Points were 30 ~ went one point over
No training ~ took the day off.

Did 130 sit ups when I got up this morning
My online groups has a 100 sit up challenge going for this weekend.

Breakfast I ate
30g muesli
15g All bran
100g Yogurt
63g Blue berries
Coffee with honey
Calories 433

My hubby and I went out today as I needed a new sports bra
While out we looked around at many other shops and bought a new bra for myself.
I was all ready to come home and make us a sandwich when Hubby turned into Subways.
So there I chose ~ Roast Chicken Roll
1/2 Wholewheat and Rye roll
Roast Chicken
Tomato slices
Cucumber slices
Green pepper rings
Onion rings.
Said NO to cheese and sauce.
Calories 300

It's 2.50pm and I've not trained as yet
The weather is miserable outdoors, raining and cold
All I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch tv..
But I know I cant as Monday is weight in day and I will be very upset if the scale has not gone down as this week and weekend I am putting in the work so would like the results.

I have no more chocolate or chips in my house...
Made sure they all finished before I go into the new week.
Next week hubby goes back to work so I can find my routine again.

Now I think is the time to say good bye, go get my sports gear on and head out to the gym...
Will I????
Will update tomorrow....


  1. Well I've send you a BB chat half an hour ago and when you're home you usually respond immediately so I think you went to the gym, I'm almost sure about that.

    That subway lunch does sound good. I've heard so much about Subway and found out we have them too in Holland but not close by where I live. Maybe I'm lucky that that's not the case?

  2. I'm confident that you went & worked out.

    So weird to hear Fran say that she didn't know if they had a Subway there and that she just found them. We have them EVERYWHRE! In fact, a couple of our customers own about 4 or 5 between them. One of our last jobs I had my husband make them throw in a Subway Gift Certificate as a bonus payment on the job we did.