Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday and Friday

My weight this morning is 64.2kg's ( 141.5 lbs )
Thats a kilo ( 2.2 lbs ) down from Monday's weight heaviest in the last year.
I'm interested to see what my Monday weight will be next week as I have noticed a pattern with my weight.
Monday its up...Friday its down...and so I that called Maintaining??
I will be very careful this weekend and see if I can break that pattern.

Last night I drove to the next town which is a 30 minute drive away from where I live, to teach my ladies a class.
Not all the girls were back from holiday last night, but wanted a photo to put on this blog of them.
My running partner ( AT THE BACK ON THE RIGHT SIDE ) joined me last night, her first class with me...she really struggled as has not got natural co-ordination ~ she went one way when the class went the other. I was pleasantly surprised when she asked if she can go with me again next week, as the following week she and my other neighbor have joined a class on a Thursday evening in our town.
The class was 58 mins long ~ I burned 600 calories ~ heart rate was between 115 - 137
I'm really excited for September to start as I am motivated and ready to go ~
I am ready to lose the weight I have gained and also to add strength training back into my training program as I have neglected it badly the last three months, all I've done is run and done a few light weights when I personal train.
I know that the more muscle one has the more fat you a neglected area I am ready to work on.

One of the things I have decided ~ and this is HUGE for me.
I will not log on to the internet till I've been to gym and done my daily workout....
Normally when I come downstairs I log on, sit on the net, do my blog, read other blogs and before I know its midday and I have not moved....besides to the kitchen and back to stuff my face.
So this will be a huge change for me...but I know if I do this I will go to gym as I will want to get online!
I have challenged my online group with the following for this weekend.
100 sit ups....
Does not matter if they break it up into sections, but to do 100 on Saturday and Sunday.
That challenge goes for me as well...


  1. That's funny, I'll join you in the situp challenge. I've started this week a 6-weeks program to do 200 situps in a row after 6 weeks and I have to do one session tonight and one on Sunday, so if I may I'll join.

    I know what you mean about logging in. I usually sit down for about 20 minutes on workdays and eat my breakfast, that's mostly because I post a recipe of the day on the Dutch woman forum I write on. But on my days off I first have to be done with housekeeping and workouts before I can sit down to read blogs and other things. Otherwise nothing happens :lol:

    Nice pic of the group!

  2. Great that u doing the 100 sit ups this weekend...I will think of u as I crunch away on the floor...hehe

    I did email and explain the logging in...switching my computer on in the morning....will not switch it on till I have trained....

  3. Good idea about logging on after working out- I always do my work out first before anything- or I won't do it....
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I find that I tend to get on the lower side of the scale as the week goes on too, strange!
    And what a great idea to not log on till your done your workout that will definately have you getting your workout out of the way and fast ;-)
    Have a great weekend Marcelle, and I'm so excited to have you join me on my challenge, it's going to be so great, I can just feel it!

  5. Cinder am going to do this once I log on I am stuck as so much to see to online, my mail, online group, reading blogs, blogging on my 2 sites, facebook, twitter, and then editing now I will train first then do all that.
    Going to be tough for me as I am in this habit.

  6. Syl...I'm going to really work hard this weekend at staying within my points and then see what my weight looks like on Monday.

    I need you to give me advice ~ are you doing weights and no cardio for this challenge??