Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday night I drank nearly a whole bottle of Rose' while BBQing with hubby and another South African friend who was here visiting from the UK ~ then I also found these maize chips on Friday that tasted like the Nik Naks we get back in SA, so bought a packet and could not keep my hands out of the bowl which was on the table in front of me before we ate dinner...After dinner which was a healthy grilled chicken and salad I had two scoops of vanilla ice over did it on feeling I need to do something drastic and am losing it...
Saturday we went to a South African BBQ in Frankfurt...the morning before I left I did a 7.5km walk/run with my girlfriends...had Oats for breakfast and was ready to go...but before I left about 3 hours later I had one Roll with peanut butter and we went...a few hours later hubby brought me a salad for meat, just salad with light dressing...then the drinking Savannah ( SA Apple cider drink ) water ~ had two bottles of water, a glass of red wine and a shooter, a springbok ( SA traditional shooter ).
Springbok shooter in pic above
Savannah Apple cider drink in pic below.
I ate salad again...with my meal...Turkey kebabs, a small piece of Ostrich ( South African tradition again ) 2 small mielies ( cob on corn ) mielie pup and sauce ( a huge tradition in SA, which I never ate there but now living away I do, well I did yesterday never cook it myself ) and I had a vegetable kebab.
Now that would have been okay...then the pudding arrived.
I had a piece of milk tart, some weird cake with custard poured over it, and then went for 2nds!!
The rest of the evening I drank water...water...and more water.
Today we had breakfast at the hotel...I kept it to small did well there
Came home and hubby bought Mac Donalds...No thanks, not for me...had a small bunch of grapes and an apple...later made 2 slices of toast with Avocado on..not heavy but a smear as Avo is a good fat.

I have my hubby on leave this week so hoping I will be able to get on plan as I am planning to do....I am desperate to lose the weight I have gained....4 kgs ~ I can see it on my latest photo's and I am not happy with that one arms look so fat again.....4kg's to my body makes a big difference...I have seen that now...I am going to drop that weight gram for gram...


  1. You can do it and I'm going to help/support you with it. The meals look great, jummie!

    Sometimes you have to let go a bit especially on occasions that are worth it like the party you went too. I always feel much worse when I eat to much over nothing but never when I had a good party.

  2. Thanks Fran, I need support right now...tomorrow I am on the road again, have said this since u started calorie counting ~ i am wanting to stop this cycle and get on that wagon tomorrow...