Friday, August 27, 2010


My class had a reunion last year while I was home in South Africa on holiday
Was amazing to see women who were now in their late 40's that I remember as young children.
None of my school mates who attended were into sport, training or the healthy lifestyle.
I danced all my life and was part of the netball and athletics teams as a few of them were as well during our school days.
But as life continued most went into careers which involved brain activity ~ as I lacked in that department ( I really did ) my career took me into the health and fitness business.
I opened my own Modern Dance/Aerobic Sport studio at 18 years old, at 27 I did the Aerobic Instructor's course and worked in that industry with my dance school till I left for Germany 6 years ago this December.
I gained so much weight when I stopped teaching...20 kg's (44 lbs ) and struggled for a full 5 years trying to drop the weight ~ I yo-yo dieted, losing a little here and there with crash diets only to put it all back on.
I was very happy that by the time I got to this school reunion I had managed to lose the weight, I felt good and more confident ~ I know I would have felt very different had I had those extra 20 kg's on my body.


  1. Look at you- you look younger and so great!! Congrats to you!!

  2. My graduating class is having a 20 yr reunion tomorrow. I'm not going, though not due to body issues thank goodness! Even in high school I lacked a connection with most people who were in my grade. My closest friends were all either older or younger. I remember these pics. You look so great!

  3. congratultions on this accomplishment!
    You look amazing! Hard work...but you worked! and did awesome:))

    Happy weekend to you!

  4. You look a lot better than some of the women. You look great.

    I never had a reunion and won't go either if I have one. Like Heidi I didn't have a connection with people in school. I don't feel the need to see them again.

  5. i've wondered here from someone else's blog somewhere. i was curious b/c we have so much in common. i'm almost 46, i've taught fitness (aerobic and weight training, now pilates, too) classes for ... hmmm... almost 30 years (yikes). i've lost a total of 25lbs, 15 of which were w weight watchers. i have 3 children, no grandchildren (mine are too young still!). i keep a blog, mostly to write and learn more about photography, but on mondays, i do a series called "restoring jane", which focus' on wellness. i'm curious if you've ever done or know about les mills fitness classes? they are intense! but i love them, and they will wallop off any excess calories you indulge in!! :) off to see your online group... cheers!
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