Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday

This morning my weight was 64.8kg's ( 142.9 lbs )
For breakfast today I had Jungle Oats from South Africa ~ the instant packets which someone mailed me as she knows I love oats and cant find the type I enjoy here in Germany. Sarah often sends me the American version of instant oats ~ maple and syrup being my favorite as i don't need to add anything to sweeten it and its 5 WW points.
Today I sweetened the oats with up on brown sugar as I have with sweeteners which was the only things I used till I was told about the danger of Aspartame.
As I love fruit and always have it in the morning with my muesli and yogurt I had it as a snack about 3 hours after my oats and really enjoyed it....
Am one of those people who cant live without my fruit...
Yesterday I came home from training my client to see hubby had washed my trail running shoes, my Asics Gel road running shoes and my Reebok flip flops with a pair of his own shoes...
It was great as my shoes were very dirty from running in the forest after the rain...
but, but,but,
I was going to run later and worried they would not be dry in time and also now I would hate to get them all dirty again as there is a certain patch in the forest that the sun cant get to and its just mud and that's where my shoes get really dirty each time....
So last night my faster neighbor and I went out for a 8 km run...
I noticed her pace starts off a lot faster than mine, I need about 20 mins before I start getting into a rhythm and feeling comfortable, whereas she is the run progresses I begin to feel stronger and can up my pace and she is tired and needs to slow down. Last night I just ran my pace and waited for her towards the end of the route by jogging on the spot.
She says she suffers from asthma and her HR went up to 182 the last part of the run while my HR was only 134...the most it goes up to is 142 and then I am going uphill and running slowly.
My resting HR is 58

Yesterday did two workout and burned 957 calories
Ended my day on 26/29 points.

This evening the same neighbor and I will do a 6km run along the road and not in the forest as we heading out at 7pm and not wanting to run that time in the forest as I usually wear glasses and cant see where I'm placing my feet if its getting dark...
I think thats how I hurt my foot...wrong placing.


  1. I'm like your neighbour: start off fast but that's because I'm stupid and don't start easy and have to pay for that halfway the run. Need to work on that, startin now!
    And my HR is high too, also between 170 and 180.

    I never wash my running shoes nor do I clean the outside of the shoes but I'm not running in forest like you (wish I could) so they don't get that dirty at all.

    Good two days my friend!

  2. Thanks Fran...two days and a half...hehe
    I am wanting to eat today ~ cause am drinking coffee which also is not good...had two cups so far and nearly 3pm....but hanging in as I know this will pass.

    Heinz cleans my shoes, I never do...he washes my normal running shoes as they start to smell all sweaty....but not me....

    Yes I remember u saying you started off fast...told her last night when we got home that she must start slower...will see tonight.

  3. That's sweet...he washed your shoes! I have never done that.....what an idea:)
    Porridge....i love it. I add dates, walnuts, cashews, coconut....and any fruit I find. Love it!
    Good run- and way to go these last couple of days!

  4. Dawn thanks for the nuts idea in my porridge ~ I have grown up eating oats with milk and sugar, nothing find peanut butter suggestion or fruit ( I did try a banana today ) a little weird. I love my normal breakfast of muesli and yogurt with nuts and fruit, as thats crunchy.

    The last few days have been * good * struggling a little this afternoon, but not cheating...drinking water and more water.

  5. I love oats as you know for breakfast!
    Drink lots of water- maybe add lemon or lime to give soe flavor?
    I have been having a hard time with the co- workers I run with- they start fast and never can finish...slower and steady!!!Have a agreat day

  6. I too find I take about 20 minutes to really warm up. When running with other people we all have different paces and styles. I think it would be hard to match exactly with someone. But if you two are OK with her going ahead and then you catching up that would work. It probably would be a good idea for her to try slowing it down in the first half and see if that improves her speed for the 2nd half. It took me a long time to realize that. I was almost afraid to start off slow, thinking I would just get even slower at the end - but it doesn't work that way.