Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weigh In Day

I want to share this with you and get your opinions...
I find this so typical me and very interesting.

Got up and weighed in this morning as I am going to do every morning
65.2kg's ( 143.7lbs ) the heaviest weight for the last year.
I then had a cup of coffee and banana
Went to train my client and drank 4 glasses of water while training.
I burned 465 calories in our 47 mins workout.
Got home ~ blogged ( Private blog )
Went up to shower, weighed myself
64.8 kg's ( 142.9 lbs)
So what would you consider as my weight for today??

So if my weight is 65.2 kg's and I want to be 60 kg's again
that means I have 5.2kg's to lose in two months
( 11.5lbs )
The time period I have is from Yesterday till 26 October when I fly out to Cape Town

Another thought that has come to me is that I have not taken enough care of myself over the summer ~ I have put my focus onto others.
I have slowed my pace when I run to keep the other ladies motivated and wanting to come back for more, I stopped going to gym where I did weights at least 3x a week to train my client who had baby weight she wanted to lose.
She has lost 8.5 kg's ( 18.7 lbs ) while I have gained
This has to stop.
My 3 month challenge with her comes to an end the 7th September
I have to work on what I need to do for myself during September and October.
I know that I have to get back to the gym and do weights and I have to do elliptical or bike once a week instead of running 6x a week as it is doing nothing for my body anymore.
While losing the weight I used to mix up my training...never did the same thing two days in a row...I have to go back to that again....
I have to take better care of me
I have to drink water again
I've stopped that habit.

I ate a block or two of chocolate and 30 g of chips now and again when I lost my weight, and always work that into my points allowed for the day when I did have those cheat foods.
But for Sept and Oct I will lay off them totally
This I will add to my challenge


  1. I would take the first weight but that's what I always do. You should do what works best for you.

    I think it's a good idea to put yourself first concerning exercise. It's nice for the other people that you train with them and help them so much, in fact it's very sweet of you. But your training level is higher than theirs and standing still is going back (dutch saying which is hard to translate) so I think you are right to choose you now! And I think variation is very good.

  2. Thanks my friend....you are such a great support to me.

  3. I always consider the weight that I see on the scale when I step on, I only weigh myself once a day.
    Sounds like a great challenge Marcelle.

  4. Thanks Syl...I do as well, but weird a few hours later after drinking water and eating I weigh in less than my morning weight ..ALWAYS!!!

    Hubby thought maybe it was water retention in the mornings??

  5. That is weird about that much weight loss after drinking all that water. I do know that if I weigh myself first thing in the morning, and then wait about an hour (though I can't eat r drink anything) I will weigh up to 1 lb less than the earlier weigh in. As far as recording your weight though I would probably use the initial morning weight. It really doesn't matter which one is less, just that whatever number you are using goes down.

    Just a thought ... if it's possible ... when I run with my friends they are slower than me, and usually don't want to run as long. Often I will go out ahead of them and put in at least half of my mileage at "my" pace, then I do the rest of the run with them and just enjoy the company. I love having the company and sharing in the enjoyment of exercise so I still want to go with them. But this way I get the best of both worlds.

  6. Thanks Heidi...yes will take the morning weight as my weight...but wanted to share the from interest sake how this works....and wondered if others found the same with their bodies...

    I find with me I need 20 mins to get going, so they are usually faster than me to start off...we walk for a while and they are so fast...then when I get into the groove they fall back ~ that is where my running is faster than theirs.
    I plan to put myself first in September...so will work out a way for me...thanks for suggestion...