Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday...a new start ....I AM GOING TO LOSE 3 KILO'S (6.6lbs)
I've been *living a bit* the last three months ~ advice I'm often given by people when I talk about my struggle with eating too much, or gaining a little weight.
LIVE A BIT ~ you work so hard you deserve to have a break
Where has living a bit gotten me? ..~ Weight gain
Trust me I'm not piggying out like I used to, have cut many foods out of my diet and am VERY aware of what I eat and drink..
I track my foods...but lately ( 3 weeks ) I start tracking but by midday I stop!
So today am going to track and count my points.
I also need to get back into the habit of drinking water...thats something I struggle with in the colder weather,and the weather is a lot colder lately adding to my struggles.
I'm going to sit and think up a plan for myself for September and October as I want this weight off before I go home ( Cape Town ) the end of October as there I need a few extra pounds to play around with.
I know my weight gain is not HUGE, but if I don't stop it today it will become HUGE
so I might sound like an obsessive person with regards to my weight, but I know how many times I've lost weight to gain it all back in the past, cannot fall into that trap again....
As from tomorrow I am going to get back into the habit of weighing daily and recording my weight here.
I need to know I am accountable for a few things again..that helped me lose the weight.

So far today have had 18 points to eat
Am allowed 29 ( WW Europe plan )
that leaves me with 11 points for the rest of the day...only dinner left!


  1. You go girl! You can do it!

    I ate too much over the weekend and knowing that I avoided the scale so this morning (eyes closed) stepped on it and managed to gain 0.8 kg over the weekend. So have to get that off first before my weekly weigh in next Thursday. But I'm going back to weigh inn daily cause it keeps me more accountable to myself.

    11 points for the rest of the day is doable.


  2. Yes I think so as well..
    Will have chicken of 5 points and veggies which are free besides the sweet potato's...and then 100ml of quark...that should take me there.

    One gains so quickly after having a little more than usual, frustrates me so much.
    But yes agree, weighing in daily is the best way to go.

  3. Hi Marcelle, I found you from a comment you left on heidi's blog, hope you don't mind me following you!
    You can do this I know you can! 6 pounds is tiny compared to the road you have travelled and proved that you can do it!
    Don't forget you are beautiful!

  4. Hey Marcelle, thanks for letting me know of this blog. Yes, I will definitely follow, and continue to follow your other blog.

    We can get back to where we want to be. This summer has found me over indulgent too, and up in weight. I guess that would be "normal" in other peoples eyes, but "normal" for me = weight gain. I'm not interested in being normal.