Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday *Tick*

So its Day 2 of my all my challenges...
Am still feeling it...and keeping a positive attitude as I know as the weeks go on its going to get tougher and tougher and my body is going to be calling out for a rest day...but I cant give it a rest day....

I received a gift from my client I train 2x a week...dark chocolate & nuts, my favorite!
I was going to keep the packet closed for the whole of September as its NO TREATS month
But hubby asked if he could have two sweets so opened the packet...
I then closed the packet and put it away in a place I don't visit often
That way it wont call my name!!
I'm going to get through this month successfully

My weight this morning is still the same..
I am desperate to see the 63's again, been a month since I saw myself there...
but know its only ONE gram away.

I asked my client to take my measurements this morning, so here they are
Arms 29 cm ~ 11.42
Chest 90 cm ~ 35.43
Under breasts 79 cm ~ 31.1
Waist 73.5 cm ~ 28.94
Hips 91 cm ~ 35.83
Left Leg 57 cm ~ 22.44
Right Leg 57.5 cm ~ 22.64

I did a 53.33 mins workout
Burned 491 calories
113 - 141 HR

Did my 4 sets of 20 sit ups
4 sets of 8 push ups

Logged on before my workout this morning
Will do so on a Tuesday and Thursday as have to be at client at 9am
So this challenge will go for Monday, Wednesday and Friday before my gym workout.

This evening am teaching an aerobic class

30g All bran and yogurt with blueberries, kiwi and strawberries

Sandwich of Rye bread with Turkey mince from last nights left overs

Will be Tuna Salad after my class.


Now off to skip for 25 mins...
Those extra added minutes needed
Burned 247 calories
HR 113 - 141

Now the class left on my to do list for today..
Did 57 mins class of boxing and High Impact Aerobics, Abs and stretch
Burned 534 calories
HR 103 - 142

Total calories burned today 1271


  1. out of sight out of mind with those Chocolates! Great work with that Marcelle, and also with your workouts, you are rocking this month - definatly going to be your month I can tell, you are so determined!

  2. You are on a roll!! I am getting frustrated with my foot. I woke up and it was fine then as the day went on it got worse. I get so motivated then something happens every time. It is past annoying.

  3. Looking good Marcelle! And good job on putting away those chocolates & nuts. Such tempting items.

  4. Thanks for popping around Syl, Sarah and was a good day...