Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Of January ~ Challenge has started

My online group January Challenge started today.
So pleased to see so many who did their 30 mins and more today...
Its a wonderful way to start off the new year....1.1.11 ~ never going to have that one again!

There is still time for you to join * the crazy bunch *
Go over to the link on the side of my blog ( Seeking A Healthy Lifestyle ) and join up.

The rules are as follows.

Post a photo of yourself taken this week in any gear
Weigh yourself and let us know how much you want to lose, what you currently weigh is not mentioned on group, only how much you want to lose to reach your goal weight.
You must do 30 mins of any type of training 6x a week with one day rest...
You can blog this daily workout on group for extra motivation, or pop by once a week to log in your weeks workout in one entry

This challenge is to get us all off our butts and get moving again after the festive season..
February's challenge will get a little more involved and slowly we will add to reach 60 mins workout 5/6 days a week

Today I started the challenge by walking with my family in the snow for one hour and 45 of this walk were a little slower than other parts, some parts were very slippery and steep, some where uphill, but all in snow.
It was not much of a workout, but I did my 30 mins of *something* today.

I have gained some weight since I arrived back home as have been eating everything I feel like, not considering sugar or fats am sitting with a few kgs extra on my body...NO, am not happy about this and YES, will get it off....started today.


  1. I think many of us are in the same boat after the holidays, but we know what to do, don't we? I'm cutting out all sugar and white flour until I reach my goal weight.

  2. Dawne I will also be back to no sugar and white anything I gave up a year yes, lets make Jan our NO sugar challenge again!!

  3. Good luck on the challenge! Knowing you you will make it a success.

  4. Hi Marcy I know you can get that down.Good luck and know you will have a success.Happy Happy New Year 2011 for you and Heinz all the best for this year.Thinking of you we at moment at Adriano parents.Lovies Rita takecare