Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday ~

My hubby went to the UK earlier this week on a business trip and the only thing I asked him for was words to him were, I don't want the gossip magazines ( what I usually ask for ) I want the Runner and I had heard from a Blogger friend that there was a magazine for women runners....he came back back with these two mags and a few gossip ones....Have not had a peep at them as yet as I am saving them for when I lie on the hospital bed....pass the time.
I do envy everyone who can walk into a shop and buy a magazine they are able to read....I used to be able to do that when living in my home country. Now I have to drive to Fulda station and there will find a few English magazines, but all the gossip ones and at a price as imported.
Hubby and I went to a South African couple today for me to do a family and baby photo shoot..after the shoot she organized a light finger lunch for us all....
When she opened her fridge all I was was yogurt filled with Aspartame, Miracle Whip, filled with Aspartame, Diet products...She knows my story, but I have learned you cant change everyone....they have to come to the decision to make the changes themselves.
I had packed in a bunch of grapes, Apple and a few nuts in a tupperware when I left home so was able to eat that for lunch and I ate her salad....the rest was not clean eating and not something I was prepared to eat just to keep the host happy...I have an excuse now...MS...I have MS so have to eat a certain way!!!
When you don't eat certain foods cause you trying to lose weight then everyone has something to say, but for MS, they say....oh OK!! and leave me alone.
I felt tired after the shoot, it takes a lot out of one ~ while hubby was driving home I felt myself dozing off a few times...but knew when I got home I had to it was raining, running was out of the question and tomorrow morning is our long 10km run ( 6.21miles)with the ladies from the neighborhood.
So changed into my workout gear and did 37 mins of heavy bootcamp, keeping my heart rate up...burned over 300 calories I worked so hard!!
Hubby sat watching the rugby on tv...totally impressed at how fit and strong I was...he actually said...* why dont we cancel the hospital appointment as you not will * ~ LOL....I surprised him...


  1. We have a Dutch version of Runner's World on which I have a subscription. But we don't have magazines in Dutch like Shape and Fitness Magazine, that's why I took a subscription in the US. I can take a subscription on that here in Holland too but it's more expensive than in the US due to the rate of the Dollar versus Euro.

    Impressive that you still did your workout even though you were tired. Well done.

  2. I get the Runner's World also, only the Canadian version of course. It is a wealth of information. The magazine I am being interviewed for is MORE MAGAZINE - a magazine for women in their 40's. I'll be praying for your fast approaching hospital trip...enjoy those mags!

  3. I also have an excuse for not eating certain foods at family members or friends, but this is in fact genuine as well. Since I had my gallbladder removed in 2008, I can only eat certain foods because some foods tend to make my liver hurt. It litterly hurts where my liver is and people understand when I tell them that this certain food is going to hurt me.

  4. I love that you surprised your hunny!! That's the way to do it! Can't wait to learn about what you read in the magazines!