Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday....going strong.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and so late that I didn't get to do my normal morning routine of sit ups and push ups....I rushed to get myself ready to go next door to train my neighbor...hoping I would not scare her as I looked terrible when I looked into the mirror....I had watched a TV program on Addiction till 1am, then woke at 6am...watched tv till 7am and fell asleep till always feels terrible after that sort of sleep.

This is flaxseeds in German
When I got next door my neighbor said she was not feeling too well and if it was okay for us to do an easier program today. I was happy with did 30 mins of Low Impact Cardio.....squats, then squats add abs, a Bob Harper Abs special I saw on his website, and then 200 sit ups...a good stretch to end our session which lasted for an hour.
I burned 491 calories
HR ~ 101- 122

I have my once a week class to teach later this evening .....
So two workouts for me again today....

Heidi asked what I put in my salad the other day.
Its such a basic salad which we eat most evenings as I am not a very creative cook.

Yellow Pepper
Goats feta cheese
Little spring onions
Special salad seeds, ( photo above )

Message for Dawne

I have been Treat Free for a whole month today....and very chuffed with myself.
Today while shopping I bought an organic 70% carob chocolate
Got home and saw I had not packed it in ~ left it lying in the shop, but paid for it
Now what does that tell YOU???
Hehehehe...tells me that I can continue being treats free!!!


  1. Congrats on being treats free in September!

    You still rocked on your workouts even though you didn't feel well today. My inspiration girl!

  2. Oohhhh I would love for you to make me a salad-!!:)
    Great job on being treat free!!!

  3. Sounds like a rought night. Hope you get some better sleep tonight. Thank you for your salad info. Those seeds look yummy!

  4. On NO! You left your celebration treat!!!
    Does that mean you are planning another 30 days to go without....
    You are amazing!!!!!!!

  5. Ha, ha on the chocolate! I laughed out loud on that one. I was planning what dessert I would eat tomorrow, but now I'm going to go treat free for a little while longer. Congrats on making it through the challenge. Maybe you'll win the prize!!!

  6. awwwww too bad you left the chocolate! :( But you can be treat free for even longer now. :)