Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flu and Guilty Feelings

Thursday and Friday I really felt grotty so didn't train
But guilt got the better of me each evening before I climbed into bed.
I would find myself on my bedroom floor in front of the tv doing sit ups, Pilate's and lying legs workout.
Doing that mini 30 mins workout made me cope with the guilt feelings, as I am doing a challenge with my online group were we have to train for at least 30 mins 6x a week and I had already taken Monday as my off day...
So far for January I am on track...and not prepared to fail right at the end.

Today when I woke up to a beautiful blue sky ( but frosty cold ) I decided that today was the day I took my camera and headed out to the forest for a walk...I also needed fresh air as have been indoors since Wednesday.
I put on my HR monitor, got my Ipod ready, camera slung around my neck and out I headed in my warmer running gear up into the forest.
I managed in the beginning but on route the road made a folk and I decided on the spot to take the shorter route as my legs were freezing, my hands wanted to fall off...I was cold. Had I been running it would have been okay, but walking I just never got to warm up. Certain sections of the route I ran slowly as had my camera in my hand....and did feel good...but my HR shot right up so knew that I was not ready to run as yet...
It did feel good to get out a little today, if only for 36 mins...
Let's see what tomorrow ( Sunday ) holds in store for me training wise.
Monday evening I know I am back to teaching my neighbors a class as most cant make it on Wednesday evening this one neighbor is going away on a skiing holiday for a week tomorrow morning early...( Rather her than me, I don't enjoy the cold )


  1. just checkin in with ye and saying hi.

  2. Oh it is cold & windy here again. Hope you woke up feeling better today!! If not take it easy please. You deserve it.

  3. It certainly was a beautiful day yesterday for a walk but indeed very cold. I never get warmed up on walks either.

    Hope you felt better today when you woke up.