Sunday, January 23, 2011

End of week three

I got a new rug sack for gym and teaching on Saturday.
My other rug sack was all torn and looking very tired....
On Monday night my mobile phone fell out of my rug sack after my lesson and for about an hour hubby and I searched all over trying to retrace my steps trying to find my phone as it was on voicemail so we were not able to call my number to hear from which direction the ringing was coming from...finally found it hidden under my seat, and after we'd both had a look there for it..
So on Saturday Hubby decided no more Mobile scares it was time for me to get a new bag...
And that's what I got...
So this month have gotten a new pair of running shoes and a rug sack
Both with a touch of PINK in them.
I have kept to the Online groups challenge this week of training 6 out of the 7 days.
My eating has been OK...have gone over my daily points allowed every day by about 4, am way into my extra weekly points allowed today.
I do find with clean eating my points are much higher than the low calorie foods I used to eat when I lost my weight nearly two years ago....but Clean Eating is how I chose to eat.
The summery of this week is as follows:

Monday ~ cycled at home for 14.7km ~ 53mins
Tuesday ~ Taught an hours aerobic and toning class
Wednesday ~ Was on off day
Thursday ~ Taught an hours aerobic and toning class
Friday ~ Cycled at home for an hour and did burpies every 10mins for interval training
Saturday ~ Treadmill run ~ 5 mins walk ~ 30 mins run ~ 10 mins walk
Sunday ~ Treadmill run ~ 45 mins run ~ 15 mins walk

Total of 64km
5.51 Hours
3412 Calories
6 Workouts
February's challenge is out for the ladies who are belong to my online group...besides adding a few more tweaks to our training for February we are all going to concentrate not on what we eat, but how we eat... It's going to be a tough one for us all, as everyone I know and myself included eat while on the go...this we are going to meal at a time, one month at a time.
I personally know this is going to be much harder than adding a few more minutes to my workout, or doing 200 sit ups a day etc etc...and quite nervous as I am going to be tested I know...

But a challenge can only be a challenge if it get's you out of your comfort zone...and next months challenge is sure going to do that for myself and all the other ladies.


  1. Sounds like hubby has been spoiling sack, new shoes, new lens, new photo editing software...give that man a kiss please!! :)

  2. "rug sack," we call that a backpack. Funny!!!

  3. I've never heard it called a rug sack before either - I kind of like that term. It's a nice looking rug sack for a great looking gal!

  4. I'm glad you showed a picture of your "rug sack" as I had no idea what that was. We have a few Dakine bags around here too. They hold up well.

  5. I like your new bag, not too much pink (as it is not my fav color).
    Misplacing of a cellphone is not nice at all, I know. Glad you two found it.

  6. nice bag! and eating on the go? ya it is so easy isn't it?!

  7. Cute bag! Good luck with February's challenge - you are right about a challenge being all about getting out of your comfort zone. I am pretty sure you have the determination to do it, though!

  8. Rug sack?? I wondered what that was until I saw the picture. We call it a back pack. I so love learning so much about different cultures from this site and all the wonderful people on it! And of course I looove anything with pink!

  9. Cool bag! It's so annoying when you can't find your phone, had that once too.

    Good luck on February's challenge, tough one but you can do it.

  10. Marcy - thanks for stopping by on my blog....I'm crunched for time as I'm leaving on vacation on Thursday morning, so please be patient with me! I'll "join" you February challengers from the beach in Florida next week! Promise!

  11. I had no clue what a rug sack was, never heard that term before!
    But your rug sack is beautiful!
    You will do great in your feb challenges.

  12. Just discovering your blog. Looks great:) And may I just say, I think blonde is definately your color;)