Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Training Toy

This morning the postman brought my new Kettlebell...
10kg's ( 22lbs ) of pure joy!!
Gosh the box was heavy.....poor postman!!
Hubby mentioned last night as we were going off to sleep
* The postman should be delivering your Kettlebell tomorrow morning *
I was * WHAT *
Didn't even know he had ordered me one.
I had mention to him over the weekend that I thought I could go heavier as I was finding the 7.5kg kettlebell ( 17.5lbs ) not a challenge with the swings.
So it was a lovely surprise.

Monday evening Hubby and I went out for a 10km run...both of us felt really tired, lack of energy, so we took it nice and easy.....Hubby's complaining that his shin is feeling very sore, and struggled with it all of yesterday....this morning he said he is going to take tonight off from running as his skin is too sore...I personally think Hubby does not have the right shoes for running...the shoes are Asic Gel's but I don't think running shoes....more multi training shoes. This Saturday we going to a big sports shop to buy me a few new training gear...birthday gifts from hoping I can convince him to buy a pair of running shoes.
Hubby finds it so much easier to spend money on me than on himself!!!
So lets see...

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. OMGosh! I just got a 10 lb'er and thinking it's pretty heavy - 22 lb'er - now, that's HEAVY! Poor postmen get a workout without even KNOWING they're getting one - haha! Let us know how you're liking it! Your arms are looking GREAT.

  2. Ohhh, a new toy! I've never even saw Kettlebelle in person let alone exercised with one, but I imagine they are fun to work with and efficient, too. You have a sweet husband, but you are a very sweet lady, too, so it's no wonder he likes to treat you nicely :)

  3. Poor mailman... He was probably wondering what was in it. LOL

  4. Aww, hubby spoils you rotten. Sweet. Hopefully you can convince him to try new shoes. It could also be that he's doing too much (or maybe not consistent enough). Men tend to do that. My husband will go from not running at all and then go do a half marathon. He pays for it dearly, but it doesn't stop him. Though it could certainly be the shoes, or he may just have a tendency towards shin splints. Hope he can find some relief.

  5. Wow! What a thoughtful husband you have!
    Thanks for all your kind comments - it is good to be back!

  6. It is so nice of your husband to buy you stuff which you so want to bad. You have a great husband. Enjoy the heavier weight.