Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 19/50

Day 19/50

I've desperately been trying to find out how much sugar is in 100ml of fat free Kefir
The type I can buy here in Germany
If anyone knows please let me know as I have googled can't find the amount of sugars in 100ml's
According to the challenge its 6 grams per 100g's thats allowed and its only the Kefir I have no idea regarding the sugars.
I can get Almond and Rice milk wondering if I should use one of those for my smoothies every other day or so...( don't do it daily )
Being Gluten free, I think the Rice milk is not good for me...???

Today I woke up feeling * flat *
Not sure what it is that is worrying me...
The * flat * feelings are usually something emotional on my mind
So today will have to watch my eating as I can be an emotional eater.
Going to keep the L-Glutimine close by.... :)

I know this is a boring comment from me...
But so far my eating has been good
Still no cravings for sugar......

Breakfast today was.....
Spring onions
2 Cherry tomato's
slice Goat's Italian herb cheese
2 small eggs scrambled
WAS really loving this breakfast every 2nd morning.

Going to have sardines and salad for lunch 
Dinner will be Turkey mince and veggies....
snack with be half a tub of Greek yogurt and blueberries with flaxseeds

Now back to photo editing a photo shoot I did yesterday
and later I teach The Power Ladies.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

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  1. If you have Kefir by Andechser I searched on their website and as far as I can see the 1.5% fat version has no sugar in it so I'm guessing there's no sugar in the fat free version.

    I am not familiar with rice milk so no help here.

    You're not boring, I'm happy that everything goes so well for you at the moment.