Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 18/50

I'm still going strong....
Having no problems with having given up the sugar
I am wondering why the scale is not reflecting a change in my weight.
I can see when I look in the mirror that I am slimmer now compared to when I started the 17 Day Diet and then the No sugar Challenge
But the scale????
Okay, needs to be said I weighed in on Friday...and again today 5 days later
I did hope to see a better number looking back at me.
So really hoping that this Friday will make me happy.
Other NO sugar * losers * are all commenting on the weight they are losing and I feel I am doing everything and not getting the same joy as they are....I don't believe its my age....

Why is it that we allow the number on the scale to controls our lives.
For 10 months I never weighed in and was so relaxed about my weight cause I knew the foods I was eating was good and clean.
I am gluten and grain free, my portion sizes are sugar was done
And yes, when I weighed in, my weight was in my maintaining levels.
Am happy about this.

Why is it I want that number...?
Why do I allow a number to define me?
Why do I think at that number I will be a perfect weight when I good GREAT at this weight.?

I love how I feel at the moment.
So going to make that my no 1 reason, not that number.
I am going to complete the 50 Days No Sugar Challenge and make it part of my healthy lifestyle.
YES...I want to lose 2kg's
ONLY 2kgs....

I'm not eating sugar less treats or ice cream
I'm only eating clean good foods
3 meals a day with 2 snacks
3 cups of Green Tea

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Hi Marcy
    I feel your pain,as I have been there. We are so close in age. My only suggestion is more protein. I can't believe what a change it has made for me! I love your blog doll!

  2. Thanks for the comment Conny.
    My protein is very good. I have it with every meal I eat .....As I don't have gluten or grains my main source of food it Protein in Chicken, Turkey, Salmon and Tuna.
    I bought Protein Power last week to add a TSP to my kerfir smoothies.
    Thanks Doll!!!!! :)