Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FEB going well...

Yesterday I went for a much needed haircut and hi lights...so here I am with my new Spring style, perfect for me as I find my hair is always such a mess after I've had a workout!!
This style is the old me....the me that used to teach for a living...back in the days.

I went out for an outdoor run yesterday as the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the temp was 4 degrees,....Yes, still chilly but lovely to get outdoors instead of being in the stinky gym where I struggle with my breathing.
I did battle up the hills as have been training since January on the treadmill and only using incline of 2....so when it came to the hills I had to walk. It took me an hour to complete 7.45km as I walked the hills, ran the flats and downhills in a pace I felt comfortable at, which at the moment is slower than my pace towards the end of last year...but thats okay...while running I thought to myself that I have so much to be grateful for. I was diagnosed with MS a year ago and I have no symptoms and that here I am running and fit...It could have been such a different situation for me had I allowed it to get me down...but NO, I picked myself up and told myself I can beat this....so running is a huge victory for me.
This is my plain yogurt I eat with my muesli daily....( going to change things up soon )
Its from an organic range at a certain shop in Germany, very low in sugar which is something I am trying to cut back on with making good food choices ~ not always easy, but am doing a lot better now with the kinds of foods I was eating a year ago. No Greek plain yogurt have I found as yet, so far only ( and bought ) was Greek yogurt with honey and nuts...( high in sugar ) which is not good, but will finish it, then not buy again, saying that, it does taste good!!

This evening am going to teach my Tuesday night group of ladies, they have 10 sessions with me and tonight is our 4th class together ~ am wondering if we going to continue for another 10 after these 10 session, or else thats the end of my teaching career and I will be very sad...but will accept and move on...life is all about moving on!!

Now off to make Butter Chicken for dinner.....

P.S I did do 200 sit ups this morning while watching The Biggest Loser UK...


  1. Again your hair looks great!

    Well done on the outside run, I think time passes by more quickly on outside runs than on the treadmill. What about you?

    I'm going to a new supermarket since a few months. I always buy non-fat plain yogurt and last week I decided I wanted Greek yogurt which can be bought plain here too and to my surprise this supermarket didn't sell it. And to go to another one for just the yogurt is too much trouble for me so I'll stick to my regular yogurt.

  2. Love your new cut! Very cute :) Wish I had the courage to go short, but my hair is VERY curly, and I am afraid of what it would do :)

  3. Super-cute haircut - looks great on you. I'll bet your low-sugar yogurt makes you pucker!!!!! Doing a GREAT job.

  4. You look so pretty and your hair suits you.

  5. Love the hair!
    You said your spring look, does that mean spring is coming???
    What are you teaching?

  6. Love the hair! Sounds like you are getting your groove back - nice run!

  7. Love the new hair cut! It has been sunny here for the last two days and I have had the windows open all day! Loving it! Have been outside after work talking to neighbors & soaking up the sun. That is why I haven't been on the internet as much. Rumor has it a storm next week so we are all taking advantage of the weather this week!!

  8. How did the butter chicken turn out? Your hair is gorgeous! I would kill to be running in 4 degree weather. It sounds much more appealing than our -25 degree weather!!!! I can't run when it's this cold.

  9. Looking at your yogurt, it seems that all Plain yogurts come in white and blue containers. Here in SA, it is also in blue and white containers.
    Good work on the run.

  10. Spring? You have spring? I only wish! It's going down into the -20s tonight, plus windchill factor on top of that....strangely, though, it should be +3 by Sunday?!

    Just wanted you to know that I haven't had time to post on the fitness blog, but that I'm still working my program, my way, and am losing some inches, according to my clothes.

    I recommitted to WW meetings yesterday, so that will give me some accountability outside of me, myself, and I.....and I think I'm at a point where I need that again.

    Nice to see you with your new "do"....happy spring!

  11. Your new haircut is gorgeous!! I am absolutely loving your blog. You inspire me!