Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday was good

Since doing the 17 DD I try drink 3 Green Tea's a day...I don't always manage 3..but I do try.
I don't like the taste of the plain Green tea, so have bought many versions of taste ~ last Saturday I found this one while out shopping and must say, for me, its the nicest tasting...the Orange is so refreshing.
I am going to stock up on this tea as I only bought one box.

Today I got my training done..
One hour of toning biceps, triceps, shoulders and Abs, then did forward lunges and Step ups for legs. I did most with the 7.5 and 10kg Kettlebell

After a snack of activia yogurt and 1Tsp protein powder I decided it was time for my cardio

Jogged the first while, then walked up the hills and ran the flats for about 3km, then ran the rest of the way, but slowly, keeping my pace no faster than 10km and ended up with an average pace of 8km...perfect for what I set out to do training wise today.

Eating wise I was on track.
I downloaded a program to my ipad and it tells me I should eat about 1 350 calories a day...gosh I would starve as I love eating.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I'm going to see if they have that tea here. I too don't love most green teas. I find them kind of bitter, or dry, on my tongue. This one sounds good.

    I have found if I eat much over 1200-1400 cals a day I gain weight or maybe maintain. :(

  2. I have a question Marcelle. I love my Rooibos tea and have 3 cups of that per day. Can I incorporate one cup of Green tea into my diet per day? Will I still get the (enough) benefits green tea offer by just having one cup per day? Or must I have 3 cups to get the sufficient amount of benefits?
    Also, how did you get your blog to have this amazing new look of flash?
    I agree. Sometimes apps or programs tell one the calories you should eat but it is too few. Great workout you had.

  3. I love your new website! So cool!
    I bought Rooibos tea through Amazon I haven't gotten it yet, but hope its good.

  4. I like green tea very much! I drink coffee (black) in the morning, and switch to Green tea in the afternoon.

  5. I picked up some of that tea the other day. It's pretty good. I made the mistake of adding sugar and it so doesn't need it, so will have it without next time. I certainly don't need it. :) THANKS!