Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Weeks Catch up

This is the one and only photo I took of any of the meals I ate in Italy
I ate pasta, pizza and ice cream while there...but this evening I had duck!!

I haven't blogged all of last week as been so busy with other stuff....
But I have to say I did manage to get my training in even with being crazy busy!!
I read a STATEMENT on FB the other day and so agree with it...
So during my crazy busy times, I made sure I found an hour to get in my workout.

Last week I trained 9 x for 9 hours

I ran 3x Monday, Saturday ( Treadmill ) and Sunday
Taught 1x Step Class
Taught 1x Mixed cardio class
PT 1x Kettlebell workout
Did 3x Strength and Kettlebell workouts

I'm very aware of my food, but do feel as the weather gets colder I want to eat more...and not happy with that...
I'm going to have to think of something before this runs away with me....
On Saturday evening Hubby and I took a friend who's wife is in UK at the moment for Italian...I ordered a Tuna Pizza and drank 2 glasses of Champagne...we were celebrating their new grandson's arrival...
I did say NO to dessert and more champagne...
Last night Hubby asked me if I wanted a magnum ice cream...I did say NO..
Now that I'm writing things down it does look a lot better than what I think in my head..
I'm going to work hard this week on my food intake :)

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I agree with the FB thing - it does take up a lot of time that could be used in a better way!

  2. I so get what you say regarding the cold and wanting to eat more. It is not nice. I too have experience this when the winter season have started here this past year. I too wanted to eat more the colder it got. My sympathies to you but I know you will find a way to overcome it. You are a strong person.

  3. You are doing great and are way too hard on yourself. You didn't eat too much at the dinner and said no to the Magnum: that's a victory in my book.

    You've changed something to your blog, can't access it anymore at work because we use an old Explorer version. Glad I can still access here at home.

  4. I can't subscribe to the comments on a post anymore which I always do so that's a pity. But besides that it looks good this way.