Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weeks feedback

I had a good training week, considering I've been so busy with photo shoots and photo editing...not forgetting other normal chores I have during the week.
The weather has been amazing, its called * Indian Summer * so wanted to outdoors for at least an hour each day as by Wednesday the dreaded cold weather is back.

I challenged myself this week ( first week back from Italy ) to train for 7 hours this week, but each workout had to be one hour and no less... I managed that..did 7 hrs with 7 sessions.
I reached my goal
This coming week I'm going to train one cardio session of 1 hr and later toning session of 30 its one hour and 30 mins a day...
I need to get my metabolism working a little faster, feel its got a little sluggish with one week where I only trained for 55 mins...
My eating will be as clean as possible this coming week as well, I'm going to be focusing on how much sugar I have in my daily plan...will be keeping a note on sugar and not calories this week.
This coming week I teach a Personal Training Kettlebell class...My first step class to my ladies on a Tuesday for them and its been over 7 years since I taught step...but one never loses the ability to teach so basic step will be fine for the level my class is at...then on Thurday I teach my group thats 3 hours already planned for my coming week.
I do plan to run tomorrow....hopefully the weather is okay for me to run on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday....the rest will be filled in with toning...
I have set an October Challenge on my online group for the ladies so its great motivation for me to keep to good eating and training...cant expect them to and I don't :)

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I see you still have Quinoa in your diet. I have stopped with it as it is now R68 per 500g and that is too expensive for me :(
    Enjoy the step class - you sure sound excited and I am happy for you :)

  2. What are the benefits if quinoa?
    How do you eat it.
    I add 1 the spoon of Oatbran to my yogurt.good for lots of things

  3. Excellent perseverance behind this blog. It has
    been enriched from the beginning.
    I love to share with my friends. Carry on.