Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Middle of the Week

I was thrilled to find a brand new Power.Balance band in my letter box on Tuesday!!
I had returned my Power.Balance band as the hologram was no longer there....
I had returned the Power.Balance band with a letter saying that there was a fault and would they please replace it...AND THEY DID.
The new one is back on my arm!

I've had good training sessions so far this week...Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I trained for two hours a day, one hour in the morning and one at night...Calorie burn so far is good, so hoping to get past the 3 500 calories one needs to burn to lose a few 100 grams a week.
I ran 5 km on Monday night and 9 km this morning....Monday and Tuesday mornings I did a Kettlebell workout, Tuesday evening and Tonight I taught/teach a class.

Thursday and Friday I plan to only do one workout or run per day, Saturday will be my rest day and Sunday to run with the group of ladies....

Eating wise things are going to plan...
I try stay within 1 600 calories per day...
Yesterday went over...that happens!!!

Last night I taught an interval Boxing class and loved watching how the young girls in their early 20's suffered ~ I kept on looking at them thinking
As an instructor I do put lots of pressure on myself to be fitter than every single member who attends my class...
I feel I have to be an example to them...
If I fade and collapse what does that tell them..
That fitness does not work!!
Cant have that, so its my responsibility to stay fit and be example that fitness works!


  1. Awesome about your Power Band!! How do you like it?? I have been debating on whether to get one or not.
    And I will say, when I am in kickboxing class, or playing basketball, and I see guys half my age wheezing and asking for time outs, I think the same thing :)

  2. You're a brillian inspiration...

    My weight has crept back on. The 12kg I lost last year? 7 of them have returned since I stopped smoking in Jan this year.

    Its so difficult.

  3. I do agree with you. When one day I become an instructor, I too will want to be more fit than my class. Because of setting an example. You are so right about this.
    In their 20's and they suffer? Geez! Can only imagine how good you must have felt :)
    Happy to hear that they have replaced your Power Balance Band. That is awesome

  4. I have never had an instructor in the classes I followed that was less fit than the ones taking the class. I agree that the instructor in fact has to be the fittest, after all you're teaching it.

    That's good service from Power balance.

  5. Glad to hear the you got the band replaced. Sounds like a great company. My kettleball I bought Sun. afternoon I still have not received. Only the luck I have that it takes forever. This rate I could of gotten from the states by Fri. It is just not my year.

    You are one fit woman!

  6. I completely agree with you that the instructor should be super fit. I've had my share that I could outdo and I get bored and look elsewhere. I so wish I could take classes from you. I bet that you would challenge me like no other!!

    Wanted you to know that I totally thought of you last night while I was doing weights. And you are a big part of my most recent decision to get back to just doing what I want and doing more variety instead of training for all these races.