Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review on my May 2011

I will do the review in my blog tomorrow on my first ever organised race...
Today the sun is shining and I want to be outdoors...
So a quick update on how my week went with my training....
The photo's with this entry was taken of me yesterday afternoon, just before Hubby and I went off to the sports club where the Run was taking place.

Last week....

I ran 41km's
Burned 4721 calories
Did 9 workouts
Friday was my one off day
Did 4 Kettlebell workouts
Taught 2 classes
Ran 4x


  1. Excellent workout week Marcelle, very well done!

    And I already know how it went and am proud of you for what you've accomplished but I do look forward to how you experienced your first organized run.

    Enjoy the braai tonight.

  2. You make me want to exercise even more! :) You look marvelous!

  3. You are so inspiring! And you look so tiny! Can't wait to hear how the race went...

  4. Marcy, you look awesome! Look at how lean and firm you are! You are an inspiration.