Thursday, May 12, 2011

Looking Back

One of the things I hated when I was overweight, was having my photo taken.
I liked my photo being taken, but only if I could * hide *
Take a look at all the photo's with this entry...
This was me hiding.
Always making sure I had someone, a pillow or something in front of me, hiding my big boobs and stomach!!

There are very few photo's of me where I can see my full body while carrying the extra weight.
I have either cropped the photo just above my breasts or have someone or something in front of me...Even having half of me covered like the photo below, I felt was better than showing all of me.
I know many overweight people do the same ~I know for me being a normal size all my life and then gaining so much weight over a short period, I just never ever felt comfortable in my body, and could not accept that this was going to be the new me....I remember crying many times when I took a hard look at myself in the mirror, wondered how I had allowed myself to get to this point weight wise....
Just over two years ago, I knew I had to lose the weight....I was reaching menopause, years where most women gain weight around their belly area and the older one gets the harder it is to lose the weight.
I tried to lose weight a few time, kept falling off the diet wagon...but one day I woke up and something clicked in my head.....once that click happened.....NOTHING could stop me....and still to today, two years later and while maintaining the weight lost, nothing can keep me off this journey.....I refuse to gain weight again....
Today I'm happy to stand next to someone without feeling the need to hide
Now thats such a good feeling....
A feeling I want to continue having...


  1. That is a goal of mine as well, to be comfortable taking photos. I'm glad I have a husband who will go out and walk with me and who is changing his diet too so we are eating less.

  2. Funny how when I look at your old photos I always think: But she is so beautiful, she doesn't need to hide! It's all about perspective, isn't it? I do understand how you felt and I am glad that you are feeling better about yourself. You do look amazing now :)

  3. your transformation is quite amazing, looking at these photos is incredible. it doesnt look like you - think the funky blonde hair is a good look for you too!

  4. You were good at hiding! ;)