Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Running Shoes

Last Sunday my hubby washed my running shoes and decided it was time for me to get a new pair as these are over a year and a half old.
He also knows that this brand of shoes are my favorite for the Forest and road runs.
When I ran in my road shoes on Saturday my feet burned the last 4km as road shoes didn't work on the trail sections of the route....whereas the Salomon's I can run on Trail and Road and have very comfortable feet.
So Sunday night my hubby sat on my new iPad and ordered me a new pair of shoes...
The only choice he gave me was the color!!!
He first went in and looked around, then showed me which colors he knew I would like.
As I've got Black and Blue Salomon's, I decided on the Grey and Pink this time round.
Before heading out for our run last night, hubby checked his Blackberry and said that the shoes should be here this morning as he had received a message from Amazon.de saying they had been sent...
As I had a run planned for 9.30am this morning I was worried I would miss the postman, so called my running partner and said ~ * Waiting for new shoes, can we go once they arrive *
Guess what....the shoes got delivered at exactly 9.30am this morning!!!
My hubby has many Salomon casual shoes, when he first introduced me to them I was very negative as a brand I didn't know in running shoes....Nike, Brooks, Adidas, Reebok, Asic Gel's...those were the brands I knew. The first time he wanted to buy me a pair, I said ~ NO ~ then months later he suggested again and I said ~ OK let me * TRY * ~ to a 112 Euro's a pair of shoes!!!!! ~ * TRY*
First run....I fell in love...wow....2nd run....loved them even more...now am totally hooked and will not buy anything else.
I have to say thanks to my hubby for introducing me to this brand....


  1. I love your new running shoes. My preference is Nike.
    I like the grey and pink. Stunning.

  2. Nikes are good....I've been through all the brands with teaching etc....but these Salomon's are to me the best out of all the brands I've tested.....so all I say is...UNLESS YOU HAVE WORN SALOMON'S YOU CANT COMPARE :)

  3. it's so great when you can find a shoe that works for you. I have loved the mazuno brand they have worked great for me, and nothing is better than a new pair of shoes!
    Happy running my friend!

  4. You have very considerate husband. He thinks of you always. That is very nice. I think he's a "keeper".

  5. Those are cute shoes and I am glad they are also keepers!

  6. Those are a bit on the expensive side, but they are cute, they work for you, and your worth it! ;) I ♥ new shoes!

  7. Those are super cute! I have never heard of them, are they a European brand?

  8. Love the color of the shoes. You are the one who introduced me to this brand :) I don't think they are that pricey, I pay around € 120 for my Brooks. I'm in love with my Brooks, I tried Asics but they didn't work for me. Guess we all have a brand/shoe we like the most and what works for us.

    Happy running in your cute shoes.