Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

Yesterday and today my eating is still not under control
Told hubby today that I think one of the reason's I'm feeling down is the fact that I have lost control over my eating the way I used to have.
Two weeks I have started tracking my foods but never completed a day....now that is not me, I am not taking my vitamin's, which I need to take not only for health reason's but also my MS...I am NOT drinking water instead I am drinking 3 cups of coffee a day with sugar, and tsp with each cup.
Running is the only thing keeping my weight down at the moment, and when the weather is as miserable as it is this month I dont feel like going out to run...I have been, but with great difficulty..and then when done I am grateful I did.

Last night I ran 9 km in the rain with my neighbor...
Today I did a cardio workout with my client and burned over 500 calories in 53 mins, I pushed myself hard.

I need to sort myself out....I told myself this about two weeks ago and still haven't.......

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