Thursday, August 19, 2010


I did so well yesterday with my eating..
Took the day off from training as I knew today ( Thursday ) I would have two sessions of training so it would not be a train smash. All I had to do was watch my calorie intake.

I went to the hairdresser yesterday, had a few hilights and a much needed cut...went at 4.30pm and got home at 7.10pm to hubby and another South African visiting Germany waiting for us to go out for dinner.

I ordered a glass of red wine...
A salad
Grilled chicken ( thin slices )
Broccoli and Green beans

Sounds good ~ well I would have thought so as well..

The salad had too much oil on it and the balsamic was so bitter, I hated it
The grilled chicken was lying in a layer of lemon oil
And the veggies had oil all over them
I never cook with oil or salt or any of the flavoring ( boring )
So enjoyed it very much, but knew that although I had made the best choice from the menu, it was fulled with calories I could not see.

So I have no idea where I ended with my calories yesterday and would guess about 30 points.....guess and I have no idea when not cooking my own foods.


  1. What's with me????? Why haven't I seen THIS BLOG YET?!? Wow, I'll be following you on this one - how do you have time for all of these? I really get inspired reading others adventures into taking care of themselves - and great ideas. I'LL BE BACK!!!!

  2. It's hard going out to want to enjoy it but leave feeling ick.
    Now i ask for everything "on the side". But when it comes to the way things are cooked- ENJOY!!! You don't AlwAyS get to go out to eat....enjoy it when you do:))))) (We'll just run an extra lap the next day-right? :)
    happy day to you friend,

  3. Berta ~ I carried these entry over from group when I was thinking of closing it ~ well I did then opened it again..but am keeping this one going as well.

    Dawn, such good so right we hardly eat out so should just ENJOY>>>