Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hospital ~ Day 4 on cortisone

Over all I had a good day today...

Woke up early again...found the light shining into the room to bright to sleep...anyway, no good complaining after all this is hospital life.

About an hour after waking I ate a 1/2 WW bar with my calcium and magnesium pill which I need with taking cortisone.

Went and had a shower...

1 Slice rye bread
Banana and tsp honey
( all hospital food )

Walked up and down the stairs a few times

Chicken leg - asked to have no gravy, they listened
Carrots and rice, only ate some of the carrots
Sweet potato Heinz cooked me last night at home.
Yogurt and fruit salad Heinz made at home

Went for a walk up and down the 9 flights of stairs....

3 blocks of Lindt Diet chocolate.

1 slice rye bread
1 slice cheese
Tuna salad Heinz made at home for me
Pudding from home
Hot chocolate

Walked up and down the stairs

Total walked today and a huge improvement from yesterday as my goal is to slowly add more and more steps daily....was 5228 Steps and 3 litres of water.
So over all am feeling good about today....ate 30 points...

I am seeing some of the signs on my body from the cortisone, did some reading on google this afternoon..also know as soon as the session is over my weight and water retention will return to normal so not worried as feeling I am doing all I can from my side...medication I have no control over...but want to be healthy again...so will accept whatever comes my way to get there.

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