Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh in Day ~ 16 November 2009

I cut my points by 2 on Saturday and Sunday as that equals 100 and today I went to gym and spend more time on the treadmill to burn an extra 100 calories to my usual per day.
I've introduced this challenge to the group as a much easier one that's currently being put out by trainer Bob Harper, as I was really hoping many of you would participate if it looked do able.
I managed so am pleased...think I will try Bob's challenge, drop 200 calories a day and up your calories burnt by extra 200 a day...think will do that on Wednesday and Thursday...anyone going to join me.


I am 60.0kg ( 132 lbs ) today...
I've reached my personal goal...
Am so happy...climbed on the scale a few times to make sure what I was seeing was no fluke!!
So in 5 weeks since my return from my holiday in Cape Town I've lost 2kgs...

Thanks Angela for asking about my weigh in today...I went to gym, came home and got caught up in the group and emails, then went to shower and wash my hair etc, now am back to do the entry and log my weight in on the WW site - now am starving...going to make my sandwich and coffee.

It's raining here - see its going to be raining lots this week.....
Have a great Monday...x

My workout today

I walked at pace of 6.8 on incline of 6 for 30 mins and walked 3.3kl
Ran for 32 minutes, did 6kl on incline of 2 at pace of 9 - 9.8
Walked the last Kilometer at incline of 5 at pace of 7.
Did 15 mins upper body weights.

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