Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 179

Sunday....and am going to gym this morning - havent trained in two days, still struggling to get myself motivated to go everyday but with Hubby who goes it's making it a little easier for me...
I have been feeling very down since yesterday - sad here remembering what I was doing in CT this time last week and felt my spirit drop, realising that I was away - am sure I will get over this soon.....so please bare with me if I'm a little miserable.

45g Fitness cereal
Soya yogurt
Points = 5

Went to gym...walked 5 mins at fast pace to warm up
Ran for 25 mins - faster than I've ever before and it felt good...
Super circuit - 20 mins
Circuit - 10 mins
Burned over 1 059 calories.

2 slices wholewheat bread
WW Turkey slices
1 slice low fat cheese
POINTS = 4.5

Now going to relax and watch the F1 with Heinz...

ww Himbeer Quark
POINTS = 1.5

I got to see my 3 grandkids on webcam this afternoon - just not hear them as they could not get the sound on their side connected, they could hear me, but me not them...anyway was wonderful to see them all again, its just on a week since we said good bye, Caleb remembers my voice and gave me a huge smile...

Heinz decided to go for a cyle this late afternoon ( was his gym session not enough ) I wasnt going to go as I had washed my hair and put make up on my face, we doing dinner later...and it takes me much longer than him to get ready...but I did go out and walk around the neighbourhood for 30 mins....see what has changed - seems nothing has besides everyone's garden furniture is out, kids are playing outdoors and the gardens are all beautifully green...

I have 11.5 points left...so leaving them for my dinner later...

Tomorrow is my weigh in day.....am really hoping to have lost this week as am full time back into my training and training hard...and never going over my points per day...

Dinner at Italian
Turkey thin slices grilled
Green Beans
In a lemon tasting sauce
1 very small roll
2 glasses white spritz wine...

Not sure how many points that all added up to....I know wine was 2 points...and that's about that..

As tomorrow is weighing in day and I start with a clean slate on the WW online site I'm going to write down what it says for this week here.

I have saved 51 points this week...( I didnt eat all my points )
When I trained I gained an extra 32 points this week...
so in total I have not used up 83 of my points...
So lets see if it shows me a loss on the scale tomorrow...
Remember I am trying to keep to 20 points a day while the German site allows me 22 a day.

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