Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 176

I decided to weigh in this morning...while on holiday in CT I used to weigh in every Wed evening, so this morning thought i would see what I was compared to last week at my last weigh in...Monday seems so far away - anyway....I am 67.5kgs this morning....thats 11.3kgs since I started my journey with this group...before starting this group I was doing it on my own - since my wedding day I have lost 14.5kgs...Its so motivating.


45 g Fitness Cereal
Soya yogurt
100g Stawberried

Did my basket of ironing today while watching 24....


95g of Pasta and Turkey Mince from last night
20g crackerbread
4x WW Turkey slices
POINTS = 6.5

Have been chatting on the phone all day today.....hehehe - not complaining but not getting to watch the hours of 24 I need to have finished so Heinz can watch with me tonight...its catch up time for me!!

100g grapes

Sat out in the sun today, was lovely...I have read that one needs to sit for at least 15 mins in the sun to keep depression away, so made sure I got my dose...actually fell asleep -work up with Heinz calling me to find out if we were going to gym...what a question, of course we were!

Did 40 mins running on treadmill
20 minutes weights
Burned 985 calories
Earned 5.5 points.

200 g chicken with mushrooms and red pepper
Salad with avo and feta

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