Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oct 13 2009 ~ Back in Germany

I'm ready to get going with my healthy lifestyle now that I'm back home.

Was thrilled to see my weight yesterday was the same as when I left for my holiday over 5 and a half weeks ago...that showed me I'm learning how to maintain...which is the most important part of my journey right now.
I know making sure I ran as often as I could made the huge difference as my portions sizes were much bigger than I ate while losing the weight and also I drank a glass or two of wine about 3x a week. also something I dont do at home.

I went back to gym last night...really wasn't in the mood as my neck and shoulder blade were so stiff from sleeping on the plane and the cold air that seemed to blow down on my head.
Our little gym has all new equipment...its quite space age looking..never seen treadmills like the one's they have there...
I ran 5kl in 34 mins.
Went and did 20 mins machines for toning upper body
Then joined Heinz on the new Ellipital machine and did another 28 mins of fatburning cardio....
Came home feeling good.

It's freezing cold here now...I'm struggling to adjust. Left Pretoria with temps of over 30 degrees and now its 8 degrees here. Yesterday bought thermal running gear as I would like to run outdoors a little longer before it gets into heavy winter. Know my challenge is going to be getting to gym in this cold weather and days when it snows is going to be even harder. Last winter I was motivate to lose the weight so that drove me to the gym no matter what the weather...so because of this I want to lose the last two kilo's and get my weight to 60 by Xmas...I need a goal...I asked WW how much I can weight for my age and height and was told ...FROM 68 - 78 KILO'S - so losing another two will still keep me within my range.
I need something to work towards...even if I dont lose the two kg's...its a mental thing for me, otherwise I might say...I dont need to go to gym today as I dont need to lose weight...its cold..and then before I know it I've not gone to gym in a month and gained the weight back.

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