Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weigh in Day ~ 8 September 2009

I knew with all the eating I've been doing and not training the way I do back home that I gained...and sure as *bob* got on the scale this morning and am up 900g!!!

That's just under a kg in 10 days....can you imagine if I dropped my guard and told myself that I'm on holiday and therefore should * enjoy * myself a little....I'll go home a good 5kgs heavier.

So as from today I'm cutting my points down to 18 a day...and going to keep my training going as this week I dont have any parties to attend.

I want to have lost those 900g by Friday...
This is my challenge for this week.

The weather is miserable here, raining and see its going to be like this all week....dont have transport as yet, so sitting around while everyone has gone off to work...last night while chatting to Heinz I mentioned that I was thinking of going home earlier, cant see the point of me being stuck here instead of at home with all my own comforts...Heinz needs an answer by tomorrow the latest!!

As the weather has been so miserable I was not able to go out for a run, so instead of doing nothing I made another plan.
Did 30 mins of boxing a bag
WEights for 15mins
And stepping for cardio for 10
Tummy for 5mins
Burned just under 500 calories

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